November & December 2017 Empties and Declutter

Hi all! Welcome to my first empties post of 2018! I think it’s neat seeing what and how much I finish in a month. I always learn something through these-how long it takes for me to use up a product, patterns. I notice that I don’t repurchase maybe 80-90% of what I finish. And not always because they stink either. I just don’t consider them staples or haven’t fallen in complete love. Some things I try just to try, which hey-never know what might end up being a favorite!

My journey in minimizing my skincare has been well underway, and I finished off a ton of products last year and have made a conscious effort to keep going and see what I enjoy, and of course I want to continue do the same with my body care and makeup. Skincare is just so much easier cause I use so many of the same things everyday. So let’s get into November:

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June 2017 Empties and Toss-Outs

June Empties
June Empties

Hey everyone! Happy July! So I’m within a reasonable window to post last month’s empties, usually I’m 2-3 weeks behind. If that makes me feel like I’m kind of on top of things these days, I’ll take it. I’ve been a bit lax on blogging and just life lately and I really don’t have any real excuse. Just that I’ve been lazy and tired starting off this summer break! It’s weird how much more tired I get now that I’m off.

If I seem a little negative in this post regarding a lot of the products this time around, I apologize! I have to be real though. Let’s get started!
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January 2017 Empties!

January Empties
January Empties
Hey Hey Beauts! Most of February has flown by and yes I’m putting up a January Empties post now- you didn’t think it would be up any sooner, right? LoL. Hope your February is going well!

I am a bit surprised at how many products I’ve been finishing up month by month, or why some months are full of so many and some so few but I guess that would make sense if you’re continually using stuff up at the same pace. Anything I can finish or get rid of always feels like an accomplishment, especially since I really want to downsize my products overall! I’ll always have a collection, but I welcome more space and less stuff I’m not in love with. So here are the empties!
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November+December 2016 Empties

Greetings Beauts! Here we are again with another edition of PRODUCT EMPTIES! These are all products I used up in November and December.

November and December Empties
November and December Empties
My obvious patterns continue: I use up body/skin care products the most, simply because I use them day in and day out (I fly through lotion!), and least frequently, hair and makeup products- unless it’s an anchor product in my stash that I use daily/frequently. I’ll be damned the day I actually finish an eyeshadow or blush! I couldn’t tell you the last time I ever used one up of those lol.  So moving on:
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August Product Empties!

August Empties
August Empties

Hey guys!! I’m getting to this post a little late-it’s been a crazy past three weeks! Work started back up with a bang: two weeks of professional development, getting a classroom together, meeting my new students and flying out to a wedding in Arkansas (which was great, btw!) has meant less time to chill and type. Though it’s been quite the whirlwind, something tells me it’s going to be a good school year!

If I thought having four empties in July was a lot (for me at least), imagine my surprise when I was able to finish up nine products this past month (OK- six. I found three I used up a little while ago but decided to include them here). And I was surprised to see just how many hair products got used up around the same time! Isn’t it weird when that happens?! Anyway, here they all are:

Hair Products:

Empty Hair Products August 2016
Hair Empties

Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Cream – I have been using this stuff for years! According to the package it’s for sealing hair and “to eliminate frizz and flyaways.” I use a little bit in my palms and smooth it through my hair before pulling it up or after styling. I really can’t not have it. It’s a staple.
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July 2016 Empties!


July 2016 Empties
July 2016 Empties

So now that July is over and Back-to-School FUN is on the horizon (I may or may not mean that sarcastically!), I’m sharing the beauty products I’ve gotten around to finishing this past month along with reviews on each and whether or not I plan on repurchasing! Only four (which is a lot for me to use up in one month!), but here they are:
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