Quick Life Update and Blog Reset

Quick Life Update and Blog Reset

Hey guys! So it’s been about 8 months since I last posted so this feels more like an intro post or my first blog post ever. Definitely a little rusty. I can’t believe this is even real that I’m posting anything considering I’ve started so many drafts that never came to light. But here we are! I hope I still remember how this all goes and can get back into a rhythm of some sort.

Life Update

The last time I wrote I more than likely was pregnant and tired so most of my focus was on resting and nesting. Our lively and smiley baby girl Bianca Leigh was born last September. That same month we found out my son’s preschool was closing-just a little stressful. No one wants to hunt for a new school in the middle of the school year! My husband was between jobs for a few months and with lots of changes at my own job, 2018 was just a roller coaster. Thankfully everything worked out-dear son started at his new school in January, hubs now has a new job in the field he went back to school for. Score for everyone! Through all of it I did feel positive that everything would be fine, just glad that particular chapter is behind us. 2018 had its blessings but I was looking forward to, em, a less stressful 2019. So far that seems to be the case, and my itch to write or produce something is coming back. I also have a little more time back since I’m no longer breastfeeding/pumping and can actually focus on something other than being tired and trying to get so many things done constantly.  So here we finally are months later!

So what’s this “reset” all about?!

When I say blog “reset,” no my blog isn’t getting a serious makeover or changing drastically or anything. I wanted to talk about where my blog is now and the where I’m headed, or maybe just where I always was, to make that more official, if not for everyone else then for myself. I started this blog almost three years ago (weird!!) and I knew I loved beauty and all things related, but when it comes to the actual consumption of products it’s in a much slower sense than the constant releases and turnover, or slower style than what a typical beauty blogger might write about. Of course I’m interested in new releases and what’s new and trending, and not saying everyone is going broke over makeup or that all beauty blogs are about that, so no generalizations here. Just as for me, I’m not here to constantly consume all the latest and greatest, never have been.  And that was only was more magnified the more I blogged. Hence all the empties posts and lack of hauls etc. Which hey, whatever right? But it did open my eyes to a lot and what I was more about, or at least what I wanted to write about. You can still love beauty and not care about buying it all the time, or rarely buy it altogether. Who woulda thunk. In fact, you can care about a lot of things and not buy them constantly. Again, what?! 

Staying Intentional

Over time it has become even clearer to me what makes me tick, what gets me going. In case it wasn’t already obvious hasn’t been stated a million times, I love beauty. But I am also very much into keeping things intentional and equally as important- sustainable, by using what I already have and keeping my beauty purchases (or any purchases really…) few and far between or at least very carefully considered. Exceptions of course- toiletries that need replacing, or carefully considered items on a wish list. I always plan to finish what I have and make sure I only keep what I enjoy, with the intention of getting decent use and hopefully enjoyment out of it as main priority. Cause otherwise, is it truly worth it? The clutter? The debt?! 

I want this blog to reflect that intentional mindset and keep going down the path of writing about what I use and what works for me, what I have used up and can accurately review, and even what I haven’t used up and why. Of course it doesn’t end there. I like trying new things (don’t we all, especially us beauty fans?)- but make no mistake I need to do things at my own pace which is a slower and more thoughtful one.

Along with beauty, I want to explore more ideas of minimalism and why I’ve found it’s a great practice, myths and truths about it and how it looks different for everyone. I touched on that a bit already in my last post here. I also want to delve into more about what makes life valuable for myself and perhaps explore elements of efficiency, style and other things I love, and inspire you all to find what truly brings value into your life. Perhaps you already know the answer to that, perhaps that idea is changing for you or something you question altogether. Either way, I’m here for it. And I want to talk about it.

So to my friends near and far, those who have continued to check up on my blog over these past few months while I was on my “hiatus” or whatever it was, or those who are visiting for the first time- thank you! I hope you’ll continue to come back and get some inspiration, or swing by just because! Also to my blogging buddies, I miss you guys and want to visit you all at your sites and read all the cool things you have been up to. The community can be a really great place and I have missed it.

I hope to blog on a more regular basis though (we’ll see what “regular” looks like now),and keep it enjoyable for myself because it should be. And hopefully that joy will resonate and inspire you too. Can’t wait to get back into all the fun stuff!! See you soon!



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