NYX Pro Foundation Mixer (White)

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White

Hey everyone! So l recently decided that some of my foundations were just a tad too warm for this time of year- not by much, but could be a little lighter. I’m no stranger to mixing foundations together to get to the shade I need, even if they’re different brands. But I usually do this in the summer when I need it darker and not the other way around. Instead of buying a lighter foundation this time, I wanted to try drops or mixers that would adjust my foundation. This seemed like more of a straight shot and less guesswork, the idea of using something more concentrated that would work with most liquids.

I was glad to find these NYX mixers-I usually like NYX products and how they’re so affordable. It comes in 6 shades, darker and lighter, and some change the finish too. I went straight for white this time since I needed to lighten. Here’s my review after having used it a fair amount of times:

Product Details: At Ulta the NYX mixers are 9.99 for 1.01 oz. It comes in a squeeze tube and has a twist-off cap. As stated on the Ulta site: “NYX Cosmetics’ shade mixers are designed to adjust the tone, shade and finish of any liquid foundation, resulting in a truly perfect match.”  You can use as much or as little of the product to change the shade, or you can make your foundation glowy or pearly depending on which mixer you use.   Easy enough!

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White

How I Used the Product: For lightening my foundation, I kept adding drops until I reached the shade I wanted. Usually I mix right on the back of my hand, and a few times I have added a little directly to my face before my foundation set completely if I felt it still needed more. If my foundation applied a little splotchy or I didn’t blend out well for some reason, I could add in a little mixer straight to that area and it was corrected.

Texture: Not super thick but not watery either. It mixes well with any liquid foundation I’ve used without changing the consistency in a noticeable way.

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Texture Closeup
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Texture Closeup
Performance: In terms of lightening my foundation to match my winter/spring skin tone, I think it worked pretty well. I’m all about making my face and neck match closely so it did the job in that regard.

Overall Thoughts/Would I re-purchase?: At this price point and overall, I think the white shade is a pretty decent mixer for lightening. I can now use whatever foundation I want without having to wait til I’m more tan, and it’s great for just overall shade matching. I would repurchase this again, and I’m actually interested in trying out the other shades they offer as well. I’m still curious about other brands, but this is perfect for what I need at the moment!

Do you adjust your foundations throughout the year or do you just have separate foundations for each season? Have you tried this product or something similar? 

XX, Jen

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    1. Totally agree!! I have to remind myself there are other drugstore brands sometimes cause I always gravitate towards this brand!

    1. I have L’Oréal Lumi, Infallible and it mixed pretty well- same with MUFE HD and Born this Way (I had samples of these). I like the NYX but haven’t tried any higher end ones to compare!

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