Product Toss/Declutter: Part 3

Product Declutter/Toss
Product Declutter
Greetings all! March is marching on as I like to say, and here I am back in toss-out mode! I have this endless fascination with decluttering or purging stuff. Last summer I did a major eyeshadow declutter and lip product declutter, and I’m at it again. I’m going through my house little by little and getting rid of stuff in different categories. It’s one of those things that’s an ongoing process- something I really like to do once in a while to keep things neat and updated.

I’ve definitely outgrown products and some are just no longer functional, and for me it’s just finding the time to sort everything out. Sometimes I’ll get rid of a bunch of things at once, other times it’s more spontaneous or random.  I always find it interesting that when it comes to some things, one moment it’s so hard to let go then all of a sudden you’re just ready and it needs to be out of your life. At least that’s how it is for me!

In this particular declutter I didn’t focus on one type of product since this was done here and there over a few months. My apologies if you actually like any of this stuff, they just did not work out for me and/or my preferences changed.

Face Products

Declutter-face products
Declutter-face products
The Victoria’s Secret Face Prime actually did set my makeup. I just felt it was kinda sticky and I think broke me out, which is unfortunate because I think it worked. I don’t have much experience with makeup setting sprays so not sure if they’re all sticky or will make me break out but I’m interested in trying Milani’s new one which is supposed to be even better than the higher-end ones. Hmmm….

The Lorac I’m So Sensitive primer I had high hopes for since it seemed to hit all the marks for oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Nope. Not even a little. It was pretty much a glorified moisturizer that did NOTHING. The only thing it primed was my willingness to toss it out lol. Wow that was snarky. Anyway, I used up about half of it but didn’t see the point in finishing it.

ID Bare Minerals Foundation. This foundation used to be my everything a decade ago lol. Alas, its time with me has come to a complete end. I have no idea if their formulas have changed but I know they now have variations which I one day may try (like a matte one, compact form etc.) but man the original of this stuff alone is not meant for oily skin, even though I loved it for years. I guess that’s why they needed to create a matte one! Throughout the day it would cake and pool in areas around my face. Not a good look. Of course I could’ve used a primer, but I don’t have much luck with a lot of primers. I’d say this foundation is more for dry or normal skin even if it is a mineral powder.

Eyeshadow and Blush

Declutter-eyeshadow and blush
Declutter-eyeshadow and blush
That Victoria’s Secret eyeshadow didn’t do much for me. It has a little bit of iridescence but didn’t really show up too well. So nothing that wowed me or felt was worthy of keeping.

The Hikari blush my friend gave me, which she received in one of those subscription boxes but wasn’t feelin. And I wasn’t either. It was ok but not one of those blushes that left an impression. The formula was just eh too. I just never reached for it much. Proof that bright colors can still be blah.

Beauty Tools

The top was an Estee Lauder brow brush/lash comb freebie that I may have another of, but I didn’t need two. I may not even need one! The brush side sucks, I’ll say that, but the comb sometimes came in handy if your lashes were clumped, but I don’t really have that problem often.

Under that is a Prescriptives foundation brush. Yes, Prescriptives. The brand that no longer exists and hasn’t for almost 10 years lol. Not that it matters that it’s no longer a brand, I just don’t have a use for a brush of this type! I was young and the saleslady was good, plus I liked how it felt on my face. But brushes like this don’t blend makeup well and I am not about the streaky foundation look. I just have too many other brushes that I actually do use and like.

And last in this category is an Ecotools brush. I think it’s their bamboo buffing brush. The bristles were literally coming out in clumps, and I am not hard on my brushes. This happened to another Ecotools brush I owned as well, the bronzing one, after some washings. Now I’ve had their powder brush for years which I love and is holding up quite well, so this was baffling to me and unfortunately has discouraged me from buying anything else from this brand. Bummer.

Lip Products and a Nail Polish

Declutter - lip product and nail polish
Declutter – lip product and nail polish
The Elf Lip Exfoliator was nice while it lasted but it dried out and I couldn’t use it anymore! I don’t think I had it for that long either.

The next one is a L’Oreal Colour Riche lipstick. I don’t remember the name of this shade but it was a nude, not a bad formula but the smell. I do NOT like the smell of these. Kinda flowery and couldn’t deal. I had it for too long anyway.

Next toss was a Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in the shade (I think) Sugar Frosting. This may have been borderline empty, but I didn’t feel the need to use it up completely. It’s one of those shades that I sometimes liked and could work with but it depended. I actually purchased this a second time, so I had a moment with it. Not hate, but this near-empty I didn’t keep nor would re-buy (again).

The red nail polish was chip central, one of those random brands. I just liked it and didn’t care at the time. I bought it ages ago and while it’s pretty, not the best quality.

The Eos balm I liked and mostly used up but my son got into it a few times and I think it just went bad after a while. Definitely a toss out.

And…other stuff: 

Declutter- eyeliner and hair serum
Declutter- eyeliner and hair serum
These last two products are major throwbacks for me. I don’t even know what to say about the liner! It’s a Jane eyeliner in the shade Pine, and just plain old skool. I heard Jane may be making a comeback (or maybe already has) but the fact that the term “comeback” is even being used right now means I’ve had it for too long. I will say I had a soft spot for this eyeliner because of the color and it was functional for a while (no weird smells after all this time). I didn’t have another color like it. I don’t think I really need to explain why I’m getting rid of it aside from the fact that it’s old, period. While I did like this shade, there are other green liners that are, um, newer and look even better. It was a loyal liner and we had some great times.

I always thought I’d finish that Garnier Sleek and Shine Frizz Serum but I’ve had it forever and used up maybe half. I haven’t really touched it in years. They still sell it but the packaging has changed a lot. The scent is a little much for me now and it was kinda too slippery, even if it was just a drop. I guess I liked it a while ago but it’s just not something I ever reach for anymore.

Have you done any decluttering recently, beauty or otherwise?

XX, Jen

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