January 2017 Empties!

January Empties
January Empties
Hey Hey Beauts! Most of February has flown by and yes I’m putting up a January Empties post now- you didn’t think it would be up any sooner, right? LoL. Hope your February is going well!

I am a bit surprised at how many products I’ve been finishing up month by month, or why some months are full of so many and some so few but I guess that would make sense if you’re continually using stuff up at the same pace. Anything I can finish or get rid of always feels like an accomplishment, especially since I really want to downsize my products overall! I’ll always have a collection, but I welcome more space and less stuff I’m not in love with. So here are the empties!


Makeup Empties, Milani Powder Foundation, MAC Blot Powder, Rosebud Salve
Makeup Empties: Milani Powder Foundation, MAC Blot Powder, Rosebud Salve
So this month I finished up 3 face products. Throw that confetti!

The first was a Milani Foundation Powder compact. This particular shade was a little too dark for  winter but I am currently using a lighter shade. I’m on the fence with this. It serves its purpose- I think it does an OK job evening out your skin tone and is OK (not great) in terms of coverage and oil control. It’s not a bad alternative to my Maybelline Superstay powder. I still get shiny wearing this over the course of the day, and I do need use a concealer. I might get it again because I don’t know too many life-changing powder foundations out there anyway (at least from what I’ve tried), but not rushing to replace it either. I may still try playing around with other brands of powder foundations.

Next empty is the MAC Blot Powder in Light. This was my second purchase of this, so I liked it enough to get it twice. Even though it’s white in the pan, it didn’t wash me out and was great for getting rid of shine. While I really enjoyed using this, I’ll probably wait a while before getting another if I ever even do. It’s $27.0o so not cheap compared to drugstore. I’ve been using cheaper blotting powders in the meantime and it’s been fine. Sometimes I just forget to use a blotting powder altogether or use a paper towel or napkin if available, so I don’t think I need a pricey powder at the moment.

Lastly in this category is Smith’s Rosebud Salve. I’ve been using this brand forever and currently have a tin in use at the moment. I had the rose mint version which I liked too, but this classic version is probably my favorite. I use chapstick and other lip balms as well, but this one has such a nice texture and does feel smoothing and hydrating to my constantly chapped lips. I would buy this again.


Skincare Empties: Purpose cleanser, Avon Anew Clinical Peel
Skincare Empties: Purpose cleanser, Avon Anew Clinical Peel
First is Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash which I got in the 12 oz. size for $9.99. This was my ride or die makeup removing face wash because it’s so gentle and much cheaper than other alternatives I used to use. It just worked really well at getting makeup off. Now the question- would I buy it again? I actually already repurchased it but I may have found something better and cheaper! I will leave you in anticipation of the possibly better alternative, which I didn’t think was possible. More details in a future post. But after I use up this upcoming bottle of Purpose, I may not repurchase after all! Time will tell.

Avon Anew Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel. I used the regular version of this, liked it, and figured that this may be even more effective. Not so much. This is supposed to be used every other day and and is for healing blemishes, smoothing skin, gentle exfoliation, and minimizing the appearance of sunspots and other marks according to its claims.  Due to the nature of the product your face will sting a little after using, but other than that I don’t recall seeing any dramatic differences that the regular version didn’t do. Using the regular version was actually preferable to this. I won’t be getting this one again but will probably be getting the regular one again at some point.

Hair Products 

January Hair Product Empties
January Hair Product Empties: Aveda dry remedy, It’s a 10 leave-in product
Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturizing Mask. I purchased this from the salon last fall when my hair was feeling a bit dry from dying. I used this in the shower and loved the scent. Aveda products smell so good to me! Definitely a total spa smell.  It was fine as it was but I think to get that more intense effect I’d like to deep condition with it out of the shower and see how it goes. I’ll probably purchase the small size again and give it another shot that way.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product. Ever had a product that you’ve been using forever, finally finished it, and still wasn’t sure if it made a huge difference or not? That would be me with this. I’ve had this It’s a 10 product forever and used just a spray of it throughout my damp hair before blowdrying and flat-ironing. I guess my hair looked OK with it? Now that it’s used up and I’ve been using other leave-in creams, I feel like my hair looks and feels pretty much the same. With this I still had to use other products in my hair to get it the way I want, so this alone wasn’t quite a “miracle” product for me. I know it gets amazing reviews but my hair is just the same without it. Not a bad product at all, but not devastated I used it up. I don’t think I need to buy this again.

So that completes my January Empties!

Have you ever used any of these or used up anything good recently? 

XX, Jen <3

3 thoughts on “January 2017 Empties!”

  1. For powder foundations I would recommend two that I’ve liked. 1 is the too faced coca powder foundation and he other is the Laura geller balance and brighten baked foundation.

    1. Whoa I used to use those a while ago! Might have been the cocoa powder one but I remember it went so fast! Did it go quickly for you? I will have to revisit since it was nice from what I remember. Same with the LG Balance and Brighten!! I got it through QVC when I used to be obsessed lol but wasn’t feelin the coverage so much, maybe they changed the formula or I needed a different shade lol. Thanks for stopping by and for the suggs! 😀
      XX Jen

      1. Well I don’t use powder foundation consistently enough to notice if it goes quickly but it seemed to be standard for me. The LG I got the B&B glow from qvc and I think it covers pretty well but I do still use a little tinted moisturizer under and even occasionally concealer. of course!! -Seb

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