BareMinerals Clay Chameleon Cleanser Review

BareMinerals Clay Chameleon Cleanser
BareMinerals Clay Chameleon Cleanser
Hola, Beauts! So this winter I’ve been interested in trying out charcoal or mud masks. I read amazing reviews on a BareMinerals mask called Dirty Detox but apparently it’s sold out and isn’t coming back in stock for a while! WHAT!

So after that disappointing information was confirmed at their boutique, a saleslady showed me this other product I might like called Clay Chameleon, $22. This isn’t sold as a mask but as a cleanser and can be used for all skin types. Since we actually had similar skin types (oily), she had my attention. This product normally retails at $22.00 for 4.2 oz at their boutique which I found to be reasonable, and even more so with a promo they had going on at the time. I ended up spending $18.00. Now let’s get into the review!
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November+December 2016 Empties

Greetings Beauts! Here we are again with another edition of PRODUCT EMPTIES! These are all products I used up in November and December.

November and December Empties
November and December Empties
My obvious patterns continue: I use up body/skin care products the most, simply because I use them day in and day out (I fly through lotion!), and least frequently, hair and makeup products- unless it’s an anchor product in my stash that I use daily/frequently. I’ll be damned the day I actually finish an eyeshadow or blush! I couldn’t tell you the last time I ever used one up of those lol.  So moving on:
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What I’m looking forward to in 2017!

Goals for 2017
2017 Goals
Greetings, Beauts! Welcome to 2017!  We’re two weeks into January and I feel a little late to the resolutions game-at least it feels that way. But I guess that’s life for ya! Anyway, 2017 may just be another year or it may not be, but I’d like to think each year holds some new and cool things even if they aren’t all super dramatic. And is it just me or do the years seem to be blending together more and more?! 

This year, as with any, questions may be answered and questions may arise. What will get sorted out? How much will things remain the same or change? Will I still be wearing this sweater next winter? Ahh. Guess we will have to wait and see!

I don’t typically use the word “resolutionfor my goals just because I’ll never stick with it once that label is thrown on there. Psychological or not, I tend to curse myself that way based on experience. But no matter what you call it, wanting to be a better you or revising aspects of your life is a good thing and can be done at any time! January just seems to be that natural time for me and many to reset things on a more intentional level.

I like thinking of what is coming up or things I’d like to maybe try each upcoming year, but before I get into all of that I want to give a shout out to my blogger friend Jayher New Year’s post inspired me to get my own thoughts down on resolutions! Go give it a read! Anyway, here are some things I am looking forward to in 2017!
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34 Things I Learned at 34!

34 things I learned at 34
34 things I learned at 34

Greetings! If you didn’t know (which you more than likely didn’t), I just had a birthday. I turned 34 and can’t get over the fact that I’ve been on this earth that long already (and with God’s grace I’ll be here even longer), but I’m thankful! My birthday comes right between Christmas and New Years, so it’s a big time of reflection for me.

Coming up with 34 things I’ve learned throughout my life was way more of a challenge than I expected it to be. 34 is a lot when it comes to making a list, that’s one thing I learned! And it’s weird number to work with. It’s not a typical milestone year and not divisible by 5 so it doesn’t sound as cool, but I didn’t want to wait another year to make a list.

This is in no way me trying to be preachy, just a mishmash of things that came to my head and things I found to be true for myself over these 34 years. If you make it down to even half of them, you’ve made my day. Thanks, and Enjoy! 🙂
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