My Thoughts on Project Pan

My Thoughts on Project Pan
Project Pan

Hello again, Beauts! So I took a mini break from blogging with the Thanksgiving holiday and I will say it was well needed! Sometimes you just know when it’s time to wind down and do nothing- or as close to nothing as motherhood will allow! I had a little more time to think about different beauty concepts that are continuously floating around in my brain and decided to zone in on project pan. This post isn’t about me actually doing project pan, but more of a sounding board on what it is and how I feel about it!
Project Pan 101

Project Pan is nothing new to the beauty community but if you are unfamiliar, allow me to explain: it’s usually done by those who want to tame their makeup stash or spending by using up the makeup they have (aka getting to the bottom or “pan” of a makeup product and finishing it) before allowing themselves to buy more.

Everyone has different goals but the most common is using up X amount of products by however many weeks or months, concentrating on using solely or predominately those specific products until they are dunzo (which I hope is still a word). Some document their project pan by taking comparison photos along the way to measure progress or by using some sort of log as a way to keep track. There are project pan communities all over social media to share progress with others, or support each other.

Sure, tossing out makeup would be a lot quicker, but for some it’s the gratification of using up products and the feeling that you didn’t totally waste your money on something that makes project pan worth a shot. Plus it can be kinda fun to keep track and actually see things get love or at the very least, get used.

Thoughts on Project Pan

That sense of accomplishment when you finally finish up a product (which for us makeup lovers can take foreeevverr since we have so much!) is undeniable. I do get that urge to finish up products that are starting to run low just so I can clear up some space, especially if it’s in bulky packaging. Sometimes I make it a priority, sometimes I don’t, but I do like that feeling of using something up and tossing it. Doing project pan could be motivating or just end up feeling like a chore, depending on the product itself I guess. It does force you to take a minute and really look at what you have and actually enjoy it- or it makes you get over stuff really fast!

When it comes to other people who do it, I enjoy seeing before and after pics that people take-there’s definitely something about seeing a dent in makeup that my strange self finds majorly gratifying- and reading or seeing people try it out and have success with it. And even if they don’t, just hearing about why it didn’t work.

What I don’t really get is when people try to pan something they hate or don’t like just for the sake of using it up- and I’m talkin if there’s a ton of it left. I’m not in absolute love with every makeup product I own and some things I like more than others, but for the most part I don’t dislike anything I’m trying to use up. I’m more likely to toss or give something away if I’m really not into it. The idea of forcing myself to use something I don’t like over and over just seems unnecessary and kinda torturous.

Considering I like variety and wearing different looks way too much to use the same exact products day in and day out, project pan would probably make me antsy to switch things up since I’d eventually get bored of using the same things over and over. I wouldn’t be able to commit to the effort. I definitely get more motivated or eager to finish off something if it’s getting low, but I’d rather let it happen on its own instead of forcing it. That is unless there’s just that tiny bit left and I don’t want it sitting around taking up space. But alas, it’s more gratifying for me to see something run its natural course to the end, even if it takes forever! I want to keep the joy in using my makeup, or at least the interest, so once that fades it might be time to chuck it.

So because of all that, I haven’t attempted a formal project pan, but would love to know if you ever tried it or had success with it!

What are your thoughts on project pan? <3, Jen

2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Project Pan”

  1. I love project pan! I’ve never done it, 8 just take a mental note to things I’ve had for a while and should probably reach out for more often and remind myself it’s there until it’s dunzo (?). I don’t like to force myself to apply a product I’m not feeling though, because then I just end up not likening how I look that day!

    1. I do the same! I definitely make mental notes to check out what I’ve been ignoring for a while! Then I’m reminded I still like those things!! Lol. XX Jen

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