E.L.F. Matte Lip Color Review-“Festive” Reds Edition!

E.L.F. Matte Lip Color
E.L.F. Matte Lip Color
Greetings again, Beauts! Hope your December is treating you well. So far this month’s been a little bumpy in terms of some unexpected family circumstances (everyone’s doing ok), so between that and trying to prepare for the holidays it’s been a little bit of a roller coaster! Somehow I still have a bit of Christmas cheer in me and found a moment to do some blogging, even with the challenges.

I’ve done some E.L.F. hauling lately and part of my haul included a few of their matte lip colors. I’ve been in a very red-lips kinda mood (appropriate for this time of year I guess!) and wanted to expand my red lipstick stash a bit. I usually wear red for special occasions though I’m starting to wear it more often to work or out in general. I decided E.L.F. was an inexpensive way to go a little nuts! I got these through their website and was able to get them at half off during one of their big holidays sales, bringing them to $1.50 a piece! Not bad at all!

According to the package, it is “Smooth, pigment-rich color” that “glides on effortlessly and provides long lasting matte color.” It also states “enriched Vitamin A, C, & E formula helps moisturize and hydrate lips.

I bought three different red shades in this line: Wine, Cranberry, and Rich Red. Here are my thoughts on these shades in particular and the lip product overall!
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Keeping up with Christmas: Ways to get into the Holiday Spirit!

tips for getting into the Christmas spirit
Ways to get into the Christmas Spirit

Welcome back, Beauts! So now we’re in the Christmas season, so magical and so fun, yet so fleeting and hectic. I don’t know about you, but by the time I’m finally ready to bring out a tray of Christmas cookies and throw on a Santa hat, it’s over. And then I have to wait another year to attempt to get back into it. What gives?!  And as you get older, more things happen in life and it only gets crazier and goes by faster!

I remember being a kid and it felt like forever before Christmas came. The anticipation was so fun! Because back then, Christmas and maybe your birthday were pretty much the only times you could give someone a huge list of stuff you wanted without feeling weird (at least that’s how I’d feel now), and you were too little to buy yourself stuff so you had to wait. And you didn’t have all of the adult responsibilities keeping you preoccupied.
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My Thoughts on Project Pan

My Thoughts on Project Pan
Project Pan

Hello again, Beauts! So I took a mini break from blogging with the Thanksgiving holiday and I will say it was well needed! Sometimes you just know when it’s time to wind down and do nothing- or as close to nothing as motherhood will allow! I had a little more time to think about different beauty concepts that are continuously floating around in my brain and decided to zone in on project pan. This post isn’t about me actually doing project pan, but more of a sounding board on what it is and how I feel about it!
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