When Working and Fall Collide: An OOTD Post!

Welcome back ladies (and hopefully some gents too)! Seems as though my posts are branching out a little from my usual beauty product write-ups, and this one is no exception! Talk about random, my last post was all about signs and symbols. But that is me- random, lol. Thank God for that “lifestyle” portion of my blog! Anywhoo, I haven’t done any full outfit looks in a post- this is my first! But since it’s fall (which I 100% consider an excuse for anything) and I’m in that kinda mood, here we are!

Because I teach little kids, I don’t have to dress up in suits or really formal work clothes. My work outfits have to have to be somewhat comfortable, and I can be as creative or as boring as I wanna be, all staying within the appropriate guidelines of, well, being a teacher!

I’ve built up quite the business-casual work wardrobe over the years, which usually consists of a lot of solid tops in varying colors, some patterns (I love my stripes…) and all the basics for mix-and-match heaven. I like wearing jewelry-necklaces of all types, big and small watches, earrings, etc. and balance them all out- smaller, daintier things with larger pieces, or wear one statement piece and keep everything else to a minimum.

I don’t want to throw myself into a category of style but I guess if I had to label, I’d be a mix of conservative, fun, sometimes edgy, sometimes trendy, sometimes classic. So basically I do a little bit of everything. Ha! And I dress based on my mood, and of course weather (doesn’t everyone though?!). I don’t usually plan outfits out beforehand, but sometimes in my mind I’ll play around with one thing I’ll want to wear and then center everything around that.

Now onto the outfit-I’ve had most of these pieces for a few years unless otherwise noted. I took these pictures after work right in my room. One day, who knows when- I’ll drag someone out to take pics of me romping around in the great outdoors but this is the best I have at the moment!

Fall work outfit
Fall Work Outfit

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Signs and Symbols- Do You Believe?

ladybug, railing
Ladybug outside my house last winter

Hi again, everyone!  As always, I hope this post finds you well. This past week has been a mix of calm days, productive days, hectic ones, and days when news you receive isn’t exactly the news you really want to hear. Days where you’ll have to sit and do some processing.

I find it interesting that on some days, things happen that make you stop and smile or bring you a sense of comfort. I don’t go around hunting for signs. Anything could be a sign if you want it to be. But I feel that if you’re open to them, it seems you don’t have to hunt so much- they kinda just fall into your lap!
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Make Up Forever Ultra HD and Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Make Up For Ever High Definition and Too Faced Born This Way Foundation review
Make Up For Ever High Definition and Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Welcome back, all! I hope your October is going well! My fall so far seems to be going quickly, but then again every season seems to with each passing year!

So recently I had the urge to explore different foundations to see if anything would be splurge-worthy or would significantly change my foundation game. Currently for liquids I’ve been using Garnier BB cream when I’m feeling more casual, and when I want to get more heavy-duty I’ll use L’Oreal Infallible which I sometimes mix with it a little Revlon ColorStay when I’m more tan and maybe for some extra oil control (don’t ask why I mix two different brands together, it just seems to work!). I’ve been pretty happy with L’Oreal foundation- it does the job and stays pretty fresh on my skin even after a long day, so I’m not exactly looking to replace anything. But ya know, sometimes you want to see what else is out there!
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Traveling: How I Pack!

Greetings all! Recently, we had the opportunity to do some traveling. I had the pleasure of seeing good friends get married-one in Punta Cana and the other wedding in Arkansas, so we definitely got in some flight time this summer! While getting ready for all of these events and hanging out in hotel rooms and airports, I was inspired to do a post on packing and travel items!

We don’t fly often at all but when we do, we try to avoid checking bags and get everything in our carry ons. For us it’s just easier-no lost luggage or waiting around for it, plus it’s one less thing you’re paying for. I like saving when I can, so this makes my frugal side very happy! You don’t get to bring as much this way, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s also a lot easier to pack less in the summer or when you’re only away for 3-4 nights, so we had that advantage. We did manage to do two weeks in Europe one summer with just our carry ons and my tote, so I guess anything is doable!
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Bath & Body Works Fall Haul/Favorites!

Bath & Body Works Fall Haul
Bath & Body Works Fall Haul

Now that we are totally into the fall season and I have succumbed with reckless abandon, I had to make sure all my autumn products were replenished and good to go. I am a huuuuge scent person so this is a big deal to me. Since I was running low on fall-scented hand soap (the horror!) and used up of my favorite Ulta “fall” body wash (which I had for embarrassingly way too long and is now no longer sold), a trip to Bath & Body Works was definitely in order.

I don’t know what it is about that store that makes me keep coming back. Actually I know exactly what keeps me coming back- nostalgia, cute labels, fun scents, familiarity, convenience, and all the coupons and deals don’t hurt either. Cheap but addictive little indulgences. What can ya do. Most of their body scents don’t linger for that long unless you maybe layer the fragrance, but I don’t expect it to either. I just enjoy it more for the momentary treat. I like a little variety, so you’ll see some dessert scents along with the spicy/fruity/nature variety. Anyway, Here’s what I picked up for the season!

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel, Salted Caramel Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple Cider
Bath & Body Works Shower Gel in Salted Caramel Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple Cider

Body Wash. Of all the fall shower gels they had, these two were my favorite. I won’t get into too much description since their names (Salted Caramel Pumpkin and Pumpkin Apple Cider) are pretty much self-explanatory. They smell so delicious and right on. I like cider, pumpkin, and caramel so these combinations for me are pretty much bomb. I wish these came as a shower cream too but I’m happy with these.
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