My Perfect “Fall” Pink: Essie’s Mrs. Always Right

September is always an interesting month- fall is right around the corner and yet it’s still warm enough for sandals and shorter clothing! At least around where I live. So while I love my pumpkin lattes and hayrides,  I can’t quite get there mentally (or just won’t let myself) until later in the month or until the weather starts dropping (all fall-lovin’ peeps please don’t take it personally! I’ll be sippin my hot cider and wearing my boots right there with you in no time!).

So I was trying to pick my next mani shade out of my ridiculous stash of nail polish and imagine my surprise when I couldn’t quite find the right color to fit my between-seasons mindset. I’m putting away the bright coral, pastels and neons for now, but not quite ready for oxblood and other deeper shades quite yet. I was definitely in a “pink” mood but every pink I had was either too summery, too magenta, or too dark. So during my next trip to CVS I decided to hunt for my “fall pink” and found it in Essie’s Mrs. Always Right ($9.00)!

While not necessarily a super unique color, I didn’t have one like it yet and for me was that perfect summer-into-fall pink I was looking for!

Essie Mrs. Always Right in natural sunlight
Essie Mrs. Always Right in natural/indirect sunlight

I love this color because it’s not quite a regular mauve- it’s a little rosier and pinker. What’s also interesting is that this isn’t from a fall collection either- I believe it’s from Essie’s Spring 2016 Bridal collection. All of the colors in this collection look so pretty as you can see in this wonderful post I stumbled upon! 

I used two coats of this nail polish topped with Essie’s Gel Setter Top Coat (9.99) which I have really liked using! To give you an all-around better idea about how it looks in different lighting:

Essie Mrs. Always Right , natural/indirect sunlight
Essie Mrs. Always Right , natural (indirect) sunlight
Essie Mrs. Always Right in sun
Essie Mrs. Always Right, indirect sunlight
Essie Mrs. Always Right in more direct sunlight
Essie Mrs. Always Right in more direct sunlight
cEssie Mrs. Always Right, Gel Setter Top Coat
Essie Mrs. Always Right, Gel Setter Top Coat

I hope these pics give you a good idea of what this shade looks like! It dries relatively quickly and evenly (again I used two coats but probably would have been OK with just one), no streaks, and doesn’t seem to chip easily.

Have you found any great “between-summer-and-fall” nail colors? What nail polish colors are you rockin’ these days?