Then and Now: My Love Affair with Makeup

A Love Affair with Makeup
Every Collection Has a Story!

Welcome to my first blog post!  The makeup collection– always a fave topic of mine. Don’t care how big or small – whether just a Chapstick or a grandstand. I find all types of collections fun and interesting. If I can talk about makeup with you on any level, I’m thrilled and you have a friend in me!

I know I’m not alone in this (or maybe I am?), but I tend to get a little deep, sometimes proud, sometimes confused- looking at the stacks of makeup containers on my dresser and repurposed jars filled with brushes. How did this happen and when did it all start?!  Perhaps my back story will encourage you to stop and look at where you are with your makeup. And why do that?! Because it’s fun! And it’s history! And we’re just that into ourselves ::inserts oversmiling excitable emoji::. Now let’s board the time machine….
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