January-March 2018 Empties and Declutter

Hey guys! It’s been a while. Last time I posted was almost a month ago so I have a lot to catch up on, empties and otherwise. A few empties I skipped writing about in detail cause I really had nothing to say about them or had reviewed them multiple times previously and I’d feel like a broken record. Of course if there’s anything pictured that I didn’t mention and you’d like more detail, please let me know! But hopefully overall this gives you (and myself down the line) an idea of what and how much I used up each month and some thoughts. So before I let these pile up any further, here are my January-March empties! Continue reading “January-March 2018 Empties and Declutter”

January 2017 Empties!

January Empties
January Empties
Hey Hey Beauts! Most of February has flown by and yes I’m putting up a January Empties post now- you didn’t think it would be up any sooner, right? LoL. Hope your February is going well!

I am a bit surprised at how many products I’ve been finishing up month by month, or why some months are full of so many and some so few but I guess that would make sense if you’re continually using stuff up at the same pace. Anything I can finish or get rid of always feels like an accomplishment, especially since I really want to downsize my products overall! I’ll always have a collection, but I welcome more space and less stuff I’m not in love with. So here are the empties!
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