Traveling: How I Pack!

Greetings all! Recently, we had the opportunity to do some traveling. I had the pleasure of seeing good friends get married-one in Punta Cana and the other wedding in Arkansas, so we definitely got in some flight time this summer! While getting ready for all of these events and hanging out in hotel rooms and airports, I was inspired to do a post on packing and travel items!

We don’t fly often at all but when we do, we try to avoid checking bags and get everything in our carry ons. For us it’s just easier-no lost luggage or waiting around for it, plus it’s one less thing you’re paying for. I like saving when I can, so this makes my frugal side very happy! You don’t get to bring as much this way, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s also a lot easier to pack less in the summer or when you’re only away for 3-4 nights, so we had that advantage. We did manage to do two weeks in Europe one summer with just our carry ons and my tote, so I guess anything is doable!
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