On My Radar: Face Products!

Face products on my radar
Face Products On My Radar!
Hey everyone and happy April! I’m getting over a terrible cold I had for a week (bleh! What a way to finish out winter!) but I’m happy to say I’m almost back to my normal self.

My mind is a total sponge right now and I’m open to so many new (and not so new) products out there! I’m constantly looking at makeup and skincare on social media so this isn’t necessarily a conclusive list but rather a few things I’m definitely interested in trying at some point. Mostly face products this time around, but stuff I know I’d probably reach for regularly (if I end up liking them!).

I’m not one to impulse buy but if something is supposed to be good and I’m in that open kinda mood, who knows what I’ll end up with! I’m definitely curious to see if these live up to the hype. While there are more products and brands I’d love to try, these face products are at the top of my list at the moment! So here they are in no particular order:
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