January-March 2018 Empties and Declutter

Hey guys! It’s been a while. Last time I posted was almost a month ago so I have a lot to catch up on, empties and otherwise. A few empties I skipped writing about in detail cause I really had nothing to say about them or had reviewed them multiple times previously and I’d feel like a broken record. Of course if there’s anything pictured that I didn’t mention and you’d like more detail, please let me know! But hopefully overall this gives you (and myself down the line) an idea of what and how much I used up each month and some thoughts. So before I let these pile up any further, here are my January-March empties!January

January 2018 Empties
January 2018 Empties

Lots of empties from January! Some notables:

The Soap and Glory Body Cream in The Righteous Butter (pictured first on top left) was a repurchase. While I enjoyed it both times, I’m kinda over it for a while. I don’t need to get it again.

The samples of the Benefit Porefessional and Too Faced Born This Way Concealer…didn’t leave an impression on me. I know these are popular and samples can be tricky because you don’t get a ton to try enough times. So they could be great but if they didn’t impress me at least twice then probably not worth getting. Again, consider your needs and skin type- many like this primer so who knows! Just wasn’t for me.

The Ole Henrickson Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator in the green travel-size bottle (top, 5th from left) was enjoyable. It wasn’t greasy, was lightweight and had a pleasant, refreshing scent. I’ve tried other products in this line and enjoyed those too, so it’s one to keep in mind.

Next to that is the E.L.F. Daily Hydration Moisturizer with SPF 15. I thought this was a decent daily SPF lotion for your face. No bells or whistles and not that expensive ($8.00 but you can probably get it even cheaper with a coupon or code). I didn’t repurchase it this time and opted for the Korean brand Myconos, but to be honest I think the E.L.F. one was better for the price. I would get the E.L.F. moisturizer again but I like trying different brands. Def not ruling it out though!

The Vitabath Spearamint and Thyme shower gel is lovely. I tried a sample before and remember liking it then too- the smell is refreshing but not too much. It’s a typical shower gel that lathers up with just a little bit of product, but one to consider since I loved the scent. When I run out of shower gel in about ten years I’d consider getting this!

Vitamins Zinc and L-Lysine. I started taking different vitamins and supplements hoping to see improvements in my skin (I get hormonal breakouts). I think other vitamins I took worked more effectively but I had to stop on those due to pregnancy. I think I would continue to take these or finish up my backups- not sure if either zinc or L-Lysine helped a ton but I think zinc is helpful even if you don’t have skin issues (again I’m not doc so do your proper research). So I think I might skip out on the L-Lysine after I finish my second bottle but continue with the zinc.

Other thoughts on the rest of my empties: Nothing exceptional. I liked the Elmo Fizzy Tub Colors though- son loved using them and making his bath water change color 🙂


February 2018 Empties
February 2018 Empties

First Aid Ultra Repair Cream. I actually used this as a hand cream. It was moisturizing and I liked how it didn’t have a lot of extra nonsense in it (parabens, harsh chemicals etc.) but it did smell kinda weird, I guess because it wasn’t fragranced. I don’t like heavy scents anyway so it wasn’t that big of a deal. I wish I’d tried using it on my face or on other parts of my body, but as a hand cream it was pretty good. Not in the market for a new hand cream at the moment so not repurchasing any time soon.

L’Oreal Lumi Foundation. This is my second repurchase, so safe to say I like it and will probably repurchase again in the future. L’Oreal seems to be my drugstore go-to foundation brand. I like this foundation when I don’t want to be super matte. I don’t know if i’ll use it as much when it gets warmer since my skin tends to get a little oilier then, but I like using it alone or mixed with other foundations.

The Smashbox Primerizer sample seemed nice. I think it went on smoothly and I liked using it under makeup, but I don’t need to run out and buy it since I have moisturizers and primers that I use already.

The Alterna Haircare Caviar CC Cream 10-in-1 Sample was just OK. Nothing different compared to many similar products I’ve used up to this point, underwhelming.

As for the B-12 vitamins, kinda same vitamin spiel as above. I didn’t notice any huge spikes in my energy and don’t think it make a remarkable difference in my skin. Again, not ruling it out, but not a must-buy for me. I’m sure there are benefits that may not be entirely visible but I want to cut down on what isn’t entirely necessary at the moment.


March 2018 Empties
March 2018 Empties

Acetone nail polish remover from Target. I like doing my own manis and pedis and always have a bottle of this stuff, it doesn’t matter what brand. It just removes nail polish so fast compared to the regular nail polish remover. I know it isn’t the best for your nails and can be kinda drying but my nails seem to handle it ok. You might want to stay away if you have weaker nails though, or are prone to peeling.

E.L.F. Instant Brow Lift Pencil. People love this pencil and it’s not bad, especially for $2.00. It was creamy and filled in my brows, but I wouldn’t recommend this for natural or fine strokes which I need where my brows start. Some other turnoffs- I’m sure it can happen with any brand, but this is a twist-up and the pencil cracked and came loose in the tube. So some smashed up in the lid, and then towards the end a piece fell out. I’d rather spend more and get a sturdier, finer-tipped pencil with more natural results (in fact I bought the Anastasia Brow Wiz). I might get this for the inner part of my brows since it works well enough for that, but for all around it’s not a favorite.

E.L.F. Dramatic Lashes. I don’t wear falsies a lot at all, mainly just to weddings, but I did get a few wears out of these or enough where I’m better at putting them on. I’m looking to try other brands out for sure since I know there are better ones out there. These were nice and the price is right- especially if you’re just starting out with false lashes. They didn’t look terribly fake on either which was also a plus, but I need to try other brands to make a decent comparison.

The Phyto hair mask sample wasn’t bad, had almost an old school smell that reminded me of when I was younger (no idea what scent that would be) but not a repurchase, didn’t really change my hair that much.

Declutter from January and February

January and February Beauty Declutter
January and February Beauty Declutter

So for this declutter I decided to salvage the CK Summer perfume, I kinda still like it (one spritz does the job) but the perfume samples I decluttered were just not me (aka Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue which isn’t a bad perfume and I know it’s popular, it’s just not my kinda scent).

I got rid of some brushes. Crazy thing is that two of those brushes (which I bought from a craft store) were once part of my most-needed eye brushes from when I started blogging if you remember that post! I need to update that one! Proves nothing is sacred, seriously. The handles were just too long and the one handle got cruddy.

All other products were just too old or broken to be properly functional, didn’t perform well enough to keep and took up space or I was just over it, period!

…and decluttered in March:

March 2018 Declutter
March 2018 Declutter

The L’Oreal Dual Protect spray is one of those thermal protective sprays that you use before straightening. I used up maybe a little more than half but it made my hair a little greasy if I wasn’t careful (I tend to be liberal with these sprays), so I didn’t really reach for this one much and it wasn’t worth keeping around.

Loose shadows– one by Benefit and one the indie brand Fyrinnae. Declutted because I know I’m never going to reach for these. So old and there’s a ton left. They were way too glitterly-sparkly (not my thing) and sitting around taking up space- will try to find these a better home.

The Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel liner (this one was purple) dried out and I just didn’t feel like recovering it to be honest. I have one in black too which I used more, but I have too many other purple liner alternatives and didn’t think this was necessary to keep any longer.

So that finally wraps up my empties and declutter from this winter season! Have you been using up any notable products lately? As always, would love to know in the comments below! XX, Jen

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    1. I definitely used it a lot more in fall/winter but have to try it again in the warmer months to remember how I like it since we know how oily skin gets then! XX

  1. omg, you got rid of so many things so far this year! It’s crazy to see it all piled up shot after shot like this. I got a sample of the Ole Hendrickson serum, and I love it! It really makes me want to try more of their products out. I have always wanted to use the First aid products for a while, and I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it! Great post Jen 🙂 xxx

    Melina | melinaelisa.com

    1. I seem to have luck with the Ole Henrickson products I’ve tried! I’m definitely keeping that brand in the back of my mind! Yes definitely try out First Aid- I think they’re supposed to be great for sensitive skin types and pretty much all skin types! XX

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