September and October 2017 Empties/Declutter

Hey everyone! So I’ve been terrible about keeping up with the monthly empties posts. I don’t know if it’s just that the months go too fast or there are just too many that build up. If you follow my blog, you can tell I do empties posts pretty religiously. I’m doing a lot of phasing out of older products (that are still usable of course) from my stash or just getting rid of products, period. This is a combined empties post for September and October so I can actually catch up. I might make empties a bi-monthly thing from now on since I fall behind way too often. So here they are:

September Empties

September 2017 Empties
September 2017 Empties

Going clockwise, starting at the Sour Patch Kids Fruits. I counted these in my empties because they’re sooo friggin good and way better than regular ones in my opinion. I’d get them again but I’m hesitant cause I’d tear up the whole package. My diet does not need that right now! But if you have a sweet tooth, these are good.

Treseme Shampoo Expert Selection Pre-Wash Conditioner and Shampoo Samples. I used a sample before and used up another. So gimmicky. You could use any conditioner before a shampoo and have the same results (more volume), so this isn’t anything unique. It’s just a regular shampoo and conditioner combo, you’re just switching up the order.

Ulta Foaming Face Wash in “Protect.” This one is no longer sold. I don’t know why it’s called foaming cause it wasn’t lol. Good enough for cleansing but stung my eyes which I can’t see being a good thing. Can’t but wouldn’t get this again. I pretty much wanted to finish it up and toss it.

Earth Elements Beauty Sponge. Got this from Kohl’s and had it forever. It was just too old and stained and had to go. I like this sponge but I have yet to try other brands to make a formal comparison. I liked it enough to get a duo of the same type again.

Avon eye primer. I was a fan. Pretty inexpensive (I believe it was around $6 but I got it for even less). I liked that it came in a jar so I could scoop out every last bit, but found that towards the very end it was too dry and lost the creamy texture probably because it was in jar. I enjoyed it while I had it but I like the e.l.f. eye primer more because of the applicator an that it stays creamier longer, works just as well, and is cheaper.

Hanae Mori Perfume samples. These were sitting around half-full so I decided to whip them out again. I didn’t feel like splurging on full bottles at the time so that’s why I purchased these samples (in bulk for a fraction of the cost). This is a warm, creamy scent. According to Sephora the notes are “Strawberries, Bilberries, Black Currant, Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Sandalwood, Almond, Praline.” To me it’s a really nice, comforting and warm scent for this time of year. I don’t know if I’ll ever buy the full bottle, but for now I’m continuing to use these samples and the rest I have left.

Maybelline Great Last Mascara. I had this for way too long. It’s one of those mascaras I used  to think was great yeeeeears ago, but it’s just OK compared to other brands in my rotation. This was a repurchase, but I’m definitely not getting it ever again. If you play around with it it works just fine, but who wants to work that hard with a mascara?

Benefit Porefessional Sample. I had this sample forever and finally got to it. I don’t think this sample was enough for me to really know if it was that great. It didn’t seem to do much for my skin or makeup though. I wouldn’t get it just based on the one or two times I tried it.

Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps. I’m not getting into great detail with these. I loved the scent of the Brown Sugar/Carrot one. They’re hand soaps I always enjoy using but I have so many in stock that I’m trying to use up before getting any more.

Mustela baby wash. A nice, gentle body wash. I had this forever (notice a theme here?) and just got around to using it this year. I enjoyed using it on my son, but at the moment I have a huge bottle of good ‘ol Johnson and Johnson to last me til he’s a teenager. So I won’t be buying baby wash for a long long time!

Avon Senses Bubble Bath in Vanilla. I’m pretty sure this product has been sold for years and is a cult favorite, and has had the same bottle packaging too. I used this for my son’s bubble bath and once in a while my own. I loved the scent and you get quite a bit of it. I’m limiting how many bath products I have for the both of us so I won’t be repurchasing any time soon.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo samplesThis was a really nice shampoo sample from Ulta! It smelled refreshing and clean as you would expect tea tree oil to smell, but it didn’t dry my hair out either which I thought it might. Nice lather and made my scalp slightly tingly. It’s a little expensive at $32.00 for 33.8 fluid ounces (but maybe not compared other higher end brands?) and I’m not currently in the market for new shampoo, but this was lovely and I’ll keep it in mind!

October Empties

October 2017 Empties
October 2017 Empties

The Face Shop Masks- Lemon, Milk Seed. I’ve never used Korean sheet masks before but I thought these were nice! I received these as a gift and thought they smelled lovely and left my skin soft and moisturized. I would consider getting these again, I believe you can get them on Amazon.

Urban Decay Primer Potion sample. I had the full size at one point and used it up a while ago. This was just an old sample I had sitting around. It’s still great, just pricier compared to other brands which I think are just as good. The UD primer is nothing new but it’s a staple product in most peoples’ collections and rightfully so.

Avon Kids Lavender Lotion. For my son. It was OK. I’d stick to Johnson & Johnson’s brand, it smells better.

Biolage Smoothing Serum. I love this stuff! It’s a great serum and I ended up buying the full size. It’s a thick, substantial serum that really smooths my hair and makes a difference.

Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Creme. I always repurchase this. This was mentioned in other empties posts but it adds some polish and smooths out fly-aways. I always have it in my stash and use it almost every day.

Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse balm. I was expecting to be impressed with this sample but uh…not so much. This didn’t remove makeup well at allll and didn’t leave my skin feeling cleansed. I guess it is a pre-cleanse balm so you would have to go in with something else afterwards, but please don’t waste your money. So many other products (and I’m sure way less pricey) out there!

What I Decluttered in October

October 2017 Declutter
October 2017 Declutter\

I’ll make this short and sweet. The Garnier Hydra Recharge moisture whip leave-on conditioner didn’t really do much for my hair. It was a fun foam but that’s about it. The Avon 6-sided nail file? Don’t bother. It sucks. And lastly a Cover Girl nail polish I got on clearance years ago that was dried out and no longer usable. I liked the shade but I don’t remember much else about it, but maybe that it chipped a bit sooner than other nail polish.

Well folks, that just about rounds out the empties/decluttered products from the last two months!

Use up anything good or otherwise lately? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know down below! <3Xx Jen

2 thoughts on “September and October 2017 Empties/Declutter”

  1. Haha Jen! I live for your empties posts. I know I told you before but when I end up finishing up a product I think of you and these posts.I love that you started out with Sour Patch Kids FRUITS! I never knew those existed and now I’ll be on the lookout for them lol
    I totally agree with the conditioner first, shampoo second being a gimmick. They package them like so, but you can pretty much use it that way for any shampoo and conditioner. I think it’s a weak marketing tactic.
    I’d love to use sheet masks but I’m SO nervous about how my skin will react to them. I’ve got very sensitive skin. Maybe I’ll give those a go?
    As far as Dermalogica….. there’s a such thing as a PRE cleanse!? Is it necessary?
    P.s. I love that the only thing you wrote for the nail file was “don’t bother. it sucks.” just four words to describe it all haha!

    Always great, Jen! 🙂

    Jay xx

    1. Haha you make my day Jay!! I think the pre cleanse balm is another one of those unnecessary things. Sometimes I will double cleanse with other products and I don’t mind it but the Dermalogica one isn’t good. Girl you gotta try those Sour Patch fruits but be warned- they’re like crack!! I’m glad you enjoy my empties since they make up like 90% of my posts now 😳. I always wonder if I should stop them but I guess I’ll keep it around a little longer haha! Thanks Jay!! Xx

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