Super Late August Empties!

August Empties
August Empties

Happy fall! As usual these months are just rolling by and I’m definitely late on these by a month. I’m always excited to finish products and get them out of the way, but sometimes they just aren’t that exciting to write about especially when most are super old items, discontinued, or just kinda blah where I neither loved or hated them. I do like to look back on what I’ve used to remember what I had and what I thought, but it’s just amazing how unexcited I’ve been about too many empties lately. Either way I’m always happy to phase out older or meh products from my stash since I want to enjoy using what I have, not roll my eyes at stuff and wish them away. Anyway. I’ve used up three makeup products in August (those always feel like more of an accomplishment than body wash or shampoo) but read on to see what else I used up!


August skincare empties
August skincare empties

Fiji White Sands Bath & Body Works Hand Soap. Nice soap but nothing super unique. I picked this up during one of their sales. This was a carry-over from last summer so that’s why I used it up so quickly. I do that-  put away one soap and bring out another when seasons change. Their soaps rinse off quickly and the scents are always enjoyable. This one in particular was nice for summer- it has warm vanilla coconut scent and I actually have another for next summer. I don’t know if they sell this exact one any longer but I bet they repackaged it and just changed the name. You know how they do.

Sample of Ole Henrickson Stay Balanced Grease Relief Cleansing Cloth. I threw out the actual cloth after use (of course, not saving an old wipe for a pic-ew!). I really liked this. The actual package is $15 for 30 cloths which I don’t think is terrible. You could probably even cut each cloth in half to get more out of it. The cloth has a textured side that I like because it feels more thorough in getting everything off. It smells lovely and holds up well. They aren’t too thick either which is perfect since I’m not a fan of super thick cleansing wipes. I love the scent too, not super perfumey, but fresh and kinda like peppermint. I really like the Simple Micellar wipes but may get these if I feel like splurging a little.

Vera Bradley Vanilla Sea Salt lotion Sample. I didn’t know Vera Bradley even had body products but this was nice to try. I recall liking the scent and it went on nicely. Probably not helpful that I don’t remember exact details, just that it smelled good! Nice but wouldn’t buy it.

Yes to Tomatoes Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer. I bought this while I was traveling last year since I left my moisturizer at home. This was just average for me. I liked how it sank in, but didn’t do much beyond that. It had a sweet scent which I was skeptical about. I know this line is supposed to be natural and I’m sure most of it is, but last time I checked tomatoes didn’t smell like vanilla. Hmmm. Not a repurchase.


August Makeup Empties
August Makeup Empties

BareMinerals Mineral Veil in Feather Light. I finally used this stuff up-had it for years. I don’t even think they make this exact one anymore, it’s been that long. It’s OK but nothing special. It had some “light-reflecting” shimmery particles. I guess it’s like a light finishing powder that sorta blurred things out but not exceptional. I have other products I like way more.

Ulta Fabulous Face Concealer.  I didn’t get this that long ago but it’s discontinued. I kinda liked it sometimes but the concealer stick broke and the product itself could be kinda cakey. Wouldn’t buy it again even if I could!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Sand. I really liked the doe-foot applicator and this blended like a dream! It’s creamy and just fun to apply. The downside is that it didn’t have much staying power on my skin (oily gal probs) or lasting coverage on me. I also think it didn’t come with a lot of product hence ran out really quickly. It wasn’t expensive or anything, but there’s just not as much compared to my other concealers even considering the price. I enjoyed using it up but I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing.


August Haircare Empties
August Haircare Empties

Herbal Essences Body Envy Hairspray. Another oldie that I’ve had around forever! I like hairspray to tame my baby hairs. This was pretty good. I actually have another of this that I’m using up now. I have no reason not to like this, it does the job and smells good so I guess I would get this again!

Avon Naturals Amazing Apple Shampoo & Conditioner for kids. I never did a baby empty before but I definitely want to start including them if I feel it’s worth it! This was for my son and I loved it for his hair. Sometimes I get a little bored of the Johnson & Johnson so this was a fun change-up. I liked how it didn’t really dry his hair out. It lathered nicely yet seemed kinda moisturizing. Basically it’s fun, smells good, and wasn’t that expensive. If they still make this I’d totally get it.

Not Empty but Tossing: 

August Toss-Outs
August Toss-Outs

Wet ‘N Wild Clear Nail Protector. After using up my Essie gel top coat I tried to go cheap this time with this top coat. I don’t know if this was supposed to be a true top coat but it wasn’t good as one at all. Not that shiny and didn’t help my nail color last at all so with this you get what you pay for. I decided to try out out Seche Vite brand top coat and now I’m not looking back!

Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil. This was just too old and smelled funky, so I had to get rid of it. I can’t make any claims on this at all-I honestly didn’t really use it cause back then the idea of oils on my face was kinda strange and I didn’t know what else to do with it. So it sat around and went bad sadly. I’d maybe get it and try it again in the future, but probably won’t lol.

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Sample. I got this free somehow and used this for traveling. I don’t really get that sweaty in my underarms but even so, this stuff didn’t seem to keep me that dry. For clinical strength I thought that was kinda weird! Obviously not buying this ever!

So those are my really late August empties! Have you tried any of these before? X Jen

6 thoughts on “Super Late August Empties!”

  1. I always love your empties posts! I laughed out loud about the lack of tomato scent. The Yes To brand has been hit and miss for me. I love their charcoal wipes but not the cucumber ones because they seem to make me break out. 🙁 The Fiji Sands soap sounds like it smells amazing. Great idea to stock up for next summer. I have to get better at things like that and shopping after holiday sales. xx

    1. hahaha thanks Nicky! Yes To is totally hit or miss but mostly miss for me unfortunately. I think I’m going to try and avoid BBW cause I definitely have enough for a few seasons lol. Thanks as always for stopping by!! XX Jen

  2. Ole Henrickson cleansing cloth is deffo something I might try & I’ve never tried the YesTo range but always wondered what they smell like ? xx

    1. Haha yeah that tomato YesTo totally smelled like vanilla! Smelled nice don’t get me wrong but not what you expect. I highly recommend the cleansing cloths!

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