Lip Product Organization/Declutter Summer 2017

Hey Friends! Today I’ll be sharing with you my lip product organization and recent lip declutter (you can read about my other lip declutter here). This post has been a long time coming, but I just wanted it to be as updated as possible. For me the cycle of decluttering and acquiring never really ends, it just takes breaks. I don’t think I’ll be doing either for a while (at least with lip products) so I figured now would be a great time to share!

Lip Product Organization

When it comes to organization, for a while my lippies were the only makeup category not quite up to par as the rest of my makeup. I used to keep lip products in little plastic drawers but decided to put shadows there instead, and since then I kept my lip glosses and lipsticks in two separate shoe boxes-kinda funny and sad at the same time. I knew it wasn’t permanent and not ideally how I wanted them stored, just never got around to doing it! I since pretty much kept them under my bed and out of sight, it stayed that way for too long.

Anyway, here are the totally unorganized before pics:

Lip gloss:

Before, Lip Gloss
Before, Lip Gloss


Before Organizing-Lipstick
Before, Lipstick

Lovely, right?  But here are they are organized!

Lip Gloss (This picture was taken back in December- I don’t store my lip gloss upside down anymore but here they were):

After Organization, Gloss
Gloss in December after organization, gloss

I prefer to separate my lip products by gloss in one container, lipstick/pencils in another.  Then I organize by shade family (brights, medium nudes, darks etc). I don’t really keep lip treatments like balms or chapstick in these containers, those stay on my nightstand. I bought the crate above from The Container Store, I want to say it was only $5.00! It has six sections, all the same size. It’s not made specifically for lip products, but so many lipstick containers I’ve seen didn’t allow for enough to be grouped together, held too much or too little, or were more like drawers when I want them standing. This was the only one I found for my needs that wasn’t super expensive. It does comes with a lid which I don’t use. It works perfectly for me!

In December after organization, lipstick
In December after organization, lipstick

For lipstick and pencil products, I decided to repurpose this desk/drawer organizer tray I already had. This was from Bed, Bath and Beyond a while ago and had used it for other products over the years, then after moving and reorganizing all of my stuff, found it again and thought it would work great for my lipsticks! The one cup is a repurposed Ikea candle holder for an added separate section. So far this system seems to work for me. I like being able to see groups of shades together. Certainly beats rifling through a shoe box! Now on to my latest lip declutter and what my storage looks like currently…

Recent Gloss Declutter: 

Lip Gloss Declutter
Lip Gloss Declutter

These are all of the lip glosses I decided to toss so far this year (one is missing which I tossed earlier), and the reasons are generally the same for each one- too old and had funky scents/texture change, or I just don’t reach for particular shades anymore. The formula for most of these were pretty good though!

Decluttered lipsticks (most of these I decided I did not care for the shade or finish, except for the last one which I loved):

Lipstick Declutter
Lipstick Declutter

Altogether I decluttered 14 lip glosses and about 5/6 lipsticks, but of course I did buy a few too over the past few months. Here is what my stash looks like right now-not extremely different compared to the above pics from December, just a little more updated:

Current Lip Gloss Stash after Declutter
Current Lip Gloss Stash after Declutter
Current lip stash after declutter
Current lipstick stash after declutter

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll switch up my organization and containers, but for now I’m happy with this system! Having them in groups makes it so much easier to pick out what I want or mix colors together. So at the moment I am happy with my stash and how it’s organized. I’m obviously not a minimalist with this stuff at all, but for me this has been downsized to a good size for me! Thanks for reading!

How do you organize your lip products? Have you done any makeup decluttering recently? 


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    1. I threw the older ones out but if you have some barely used one maybe family or friends would take them, or I know people donate to a women’s shelter. Not sure about their guidelines with used makeup but they do take it I think! Xx Jen

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