June 2017 Empties and Toss-Outs

June Empties
June Empties

Hey everyone! Happy July! So I’m within a reasonable window to post last month’s empties, usually I’m 2-3 weeks behind. If that makes me feel like I’m kind of on top of things these days, I’ll take it. I’ve been a bit lax on blogging and just life lately and I really don’t have any real excuse. Just that I’ve been lazy and tired starting off this summer break! It’s weird how much more tired I get now that I’m off.

If I seem a little negative in this post regarding a lot of the products this time around, I apologize! I have to be real though. Let’s get started!


June Skincare Empties
June Skincare Empties

Avon Anew Clinical Absolute Even Hand Cream-I got this free when I first signed up to sell it about two years ago (it’s been that long?!). This formula is a little greasy but I didn’t mind it that much. I used this only at night and though it was greasy, it was thick formula that kept my hands moisturized. Two things I learned from this product: 1) I really like snap shut lids, 2) I won’t be getting it again because of the scent. Over and over I find that I get so tired of certain scents if they are too strong, so that just reinforced it. It was good while I had it but towards the end I couldn’t wait to be done. So not something I’d buy.

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel. You may recognize this as a Sephora perk from a while back, and I finally used it up. I’m not getting it again, it didn’t do anything special. An average cleanser in my opinion. Again with the SCENT. It’s not a bad smell, kinda fruity, but I easily got sick of it and just wanted to finish it up for the sake of it.

CVS Oil Free Acne Cleanser Facial Cleanser in Pink Grapefruit. Something came over me once upon a time where I needed a grapefruit scent in my cleanser. Well this definitely had that. I think this was the drugstore brand version of the Neutrogena cleanser. It was ok, I used it when I felt my skin was acting up. My skin didn’t clear up because of it, but I didn’t mind it either. Not a repurchase since I want to find something a little better and I’m steering away from products with a strong scent (is that obvious yet? Lol).

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Now this spot treatment works. While it won’t make your zits disappear completely, it will shrink them down. Not something to use during the day because it dries pink. I was tempted to shake it because the calamine (or whatever that pink stuff is) settles to the bottom. The key is to not shake it, dunk your Q-tip in all the way til it touches the pink stuff, and then pull out and dab on. I think I read somewhere that doing it that way makes it more of a overnight spot “mask” or something. It is pretty effective. The only thing that would be a con is that this product evaporates quickly. The clear liquid goes down so fast on its own and I don’t leave my bottles open or anything, so that’s kind of annoying considering the price (I forget the exact amount). I may get this again, but the evaporation thing deters me.

Hair and Makeup

June Hair and Makeup Empties
June Hair and Makeup Empties

Got 2 Be Oil-icious. Guys, this stuff spilled all over one of my containers and it was terrible. Not because I loved it, but because it got all over and was gross. I think the gods were telling me to let this one go, and I don’t miss it. Was it oily? Yes. Did it prevent frizz? No. Did it have a strange smell? Kinda. Sooo…Not worth a full explanation. Didn’t like it, won’t be getting it again.

L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara. Finally! A product I love and have repurchased so many times. I love this mascara. It lengthens and isn’t clumpy. It’s been one of my mascara staples for years. The results are pretty obvious and stay that way. I love that it’s drugstore too. This dried out since I had it forever but I will be getting this again. And again and again!

Tarte Energy Intuitive Lip Tint. This was a minty balm that changed colors on your lips when applied. I got it in a Tarte gift set a few years ago. I wanted to like this and it had the potential to be a no-brainer lip product. I liked the tingly feeling and the minty flavor but it was kinda drying in a way and I never truly cared for the pink shade on me. I like brighter pinks but this was kind of not my type of brighter pink. It wasn’t horrible, but I have so many other products that look better. Not getting again.

Revlon Eyeshadow. I want to say this was called Peacock but I don’t remember totally. It wasn’t a matte shade, it had some sheen. I recently depotted it and as I tried it out again, I realized that the pigment isn’t great and didn’t do much on me at all. I don’t even think it looked that great with Fix+ sprayed on the brush either. It looked kinda dirty and almost cheap. If it was as little more pigmented and showed up a little more I’d reconsider, but I have enough shades like this already so getting rid of this didn’t bother me in the least!



Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies. This came in a recent VoxBox and I reviewed it here! But real quick- these were yummy and I think helped in digestion. I won’t be getting them again anytime soon though. They were good, but not really a necessity for me.

So those were my June empties! I purchased some products recently that I want to eventually blog about, along with some product organization and favorites! So look out for those (hopefully) soon!

Have you tried any of these products or have suggestions on skincare for oily/breakout prone skin? I’m trying to steer away from heavy scents and go a little more natural (a simple and lovely aesthetic wouldn’t hurt either). I am all ears!!  Thanks for reading! 

Love, Jen

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    1. Thanks Melina! I’m hoping to get more posts out but I’ve been overthinking a lot of them lately and stop short before publishing or continuing haha. I’m glad the empties posts are helpful. The MB Drying Lotion is definitely worth a shot! X Jen

  1. I know how you feel about being tired and lazy. My schedule varies from week to week and the more days I have off, the lazier I am. ? This was a great empties post Jen, very informative.

    1. Thanks Jonia-Exactly! I feel like I need a schedule to keep me up and moving, otherwise I sit around getting antsy or feeling out of it, hence why I haven’t really blogged most of June ?lol.

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