Even Deeper Cleansing Oil by International Face Station

International Face Station Even Deeper Cleansing Oil
International Face Station Even Deeper Cleansing Oil
Hey Friends! Summer has officially started and I’m back to my blogging ways! Teaching is over for a bit and though you’d think I’d welcome days off with open arms, it does take a few days for me to get into the summer rhythm. I’m sure I’ll get over it though!

Disclosure: This product was sent to me for free. All opinions are my own.

I’m reviewing the Even Deeper Cleansing Oil by International Face Station. I’ve always been a little weary of using oils on my face even though they’re supposed to be OK for different skin types (I get oily for the record). I’ve tried different brands before and stopped just because I didn’t see any benefits but who knows if I was even using them correctly. Since receiving this, I’ve become more interested in how they are actually used. Cleansing oils can be used alone or in conjunction with another cleanser of your choice (double-cleansing I guess is the official term).  Anyway, here are details about the product:

Description and Directions (as seen on their website)

Our unique blend of non-comedogenic (non-clogging) sunflower and safflower oils makes a lighter feeling (high-linoleic) cleanser, perfectly suited for all skin types. As a natural moisturizer, it will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Our cleansing oil is made in the USA with no preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances.

As a makeup remover: Massage 1-2 pumps onto wet or dry face in circular motions to sweep away makeup and surface dirt. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow with your favorite cleanser, if desired.
As an oil cleanser: Apply 1-2 pumps to dry face and let sit for 15-20 minutes to dissolve dirt and oil. Then massage in circular motions for one minute. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Ingredients (from Amazon site)
Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Hybrid Safflower Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
International Face Station Even Deeper Cleansing Oil Details
International Face Station Even Deeper Cleansing Oil Details

Cleansing Oil closeup
Cleansing Oil closeup

I’ve used this as directed, both as a facial cleanser and as a makeup remover, so here are some thoughts on that:

As a makeup remover: For me it didn’t take everything off on its own. You can see some makeup coming off in smooth little clumps within the oil. But when I used a different cleanser afterwards I saw more makeup rinsing off, and then when I used a cotton pad (with toner) even more showed up on the cotton ball. So not a one-step product for makeup removal.

As an oil cleanser: I tried this alone with no additional products then “rinsing” with cold water and patting it dry (it doesn’t really rinse off totally), and the other way with another cleanser afterwards. Used alone it left my skin with a sheen-not super greasy, but it is an oil so some was left on the skin. I didn’t feel the need to use moisturizer afterwards since it would’ve been extra. Following up with a different cleanser felt better for me since it took the oil off. I’ve also tried leaving this on for 5/10 minutes as the bottle suggested, but it felt too oily and was sliding off my face, so I won’t be doing that again.

Pros: Natural and simple ingredients. You won’t see any strange chemicals. Made in the USA too- love that!  I enjoyed the light lavender scent. It is moisturizing, so if you use it alone you could skip the moisturizer.  There is the option of using another cleanser afterwards too which is great and how I personally preferred using it. The bottle is also very pretty, so not an eye sore for your sink!

Cons: Now this could be a pro or con. It doesn’t rinse off completely on its own. If you don’t like that oily feeling left on your skin (I personally don’t) you would definitely need to follow up with another cleanser, so not ideal if you prefer one-step cleansing unless you like that feeling left behind. This doesn’t get milky upon contact with water either which is what I’ve been used to with other oils. Not really a big deal, just something to note. Also, while the packaging is attractive, it can shoot out when you pump so you have to shield it a little so it doesn’t get everywhere.

Overall Thoughts: Before I get into this, I want to put out there that I am prone to hormonal breakouts. I have clear skin sometimes but my chin and forehead can act out due to a number of things too- change in routine, stress, period, reaction to new products, breathing, who knows! So whether or not this contributed to any breakouts is uncertain, I would have to use this consistently for a while to really tell.

I can say that this didn’t seem to aggravate my skin in any obvious way. I can see this being great for sensitive or dry skin, and for those who like natural ingredients. Even for having oily skin, it’s a nice break from harsh cleansers.

Would I Purchase this?  Maybe at some point down the line. I’m definitely more open to using oils now that I know how they can be used and how I actually prefer using them. I want to try using cleansing oils more consistently and see how my skin reacts.

I’m really grateful that International Face Station gave me the opportunity to try out their product. The directions on the bottle were very helpful for me. I can now try my other oils that have been sitting around unused with fresh eyes!  I want to keep using this (and my other oils) now that I understand them a little better!

You can check out this product on their website and also on Amazon here. (Though I received this free for my honest review, I am not getting paid to include these links).

Have you tried cleansing oils at all? How have they worked for you? 

Xx, Jen

International Face Station Cleansing Oil
International Face Station Cleansing Oil

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