May 2017 Empties!

May 2017 Empties
May 2017 Empties

Hey everyone! Here we are in the middle of June with last month’s empties. It only took two weeks but better late than never I guess! Mainly skincare empties but I have a mascara and blush thrown in this time as well (though one wasn’t exactly an empty, just needed to let it go). Enjoy!


May Skincare Empties
May Body/Skincare Empties

Nivea Original Moisture Lotion. I bought this a while ago because I was looking for something that came in a big container and didn’t smell like anything specific, just a fresh, clean scent. I won’t be getting it again because…it’s not as moisturizing as I want it to be. It’s a little bit thinner of a formula which might be OK sometimes but I was over it by the end and over the scent of it too. Not a repurchase.

Ulta Radiant Skin Brightening Serum. This felt like more of moisturizer than a serum to me, I guess because I’m used to more gel-like consistency for a serum.  I really liked it as a moisturizer actually. I wouldn’t say it made my skin glow or anything but I liked texture and lack of obnoxious scent (which can be a deal breaker for me).  I used this at night because I need SPF for the daytime. Wasn’t too heavy but not watery either. This product had just the right mix of what I like and none of what I don’t- I’d consider getting this again.

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream. I got this from my CVS a while back but this serum again seemed more like a moisturizer. I guess some do after all! This has a pearly finish on your skin (you can see it in the serum itself) so that definitely helps with the “brightening” or glowy aspect. For the most part I did like this but the orange scent can come off pretty strong. The packaging was pretty cool- no lid, you twist and push down to get the product out. It was a tad greasier than the Ulta one but it wasn’t that bad. I liked it but don’t think it will be a re-purchase because of the stronger scent and I’m not one to like too much of the pearly finish on my skin.

Avon Anew Multi-Performance Eye System. I purchased this eye cream because I wanted something to protect and soften the area around my eye that’s also anti-aging. This has two parts, a balm that’s in the cap, and the actual eye cream itself. The balm is used at night along with the moisturizer, and the moisturizer is used alone in the daytime. While I don’t have serious crows feet quite yet, smile lines are slowly creeping in there. So this actually does work in softening those up. I made sure to use it pretty regularly and overall I’d say it’s pretty effective. I would get this again at some point, but I’m also open to trying other eye creams maybe by Kiehls or other brands people have had success with. I actually have a backup that I’m using but I’d repurchase this one to keep on hand when I run out completely!


May Makeup Empties
May Makeup Empties

Victoria’s Secret Lash Dare 3-in-1 Mascara. Great mascara! I’ve used as much of this as I could, but alas it’s now dry and pretty much past its prime. Kudos for lasting as long as it did! This one added definition and length and NO clumping!!  I enjoy their makeup line overall. I’ve used their shadows too which are pretty decent. I don’t really look to buy their makeup intentionally but if I happen to be in the store and come across something (or need to get something to fulfill a coupon requirement, let’s be serious), I’ll grab something. But this is a great mascara if you’re looking to try one out- I’d be open to getting another if I didn’t have a bunch of mascaras already!

Foundation Empties: Make Up Forever Ultra HD, Tarte Amazonian Clay, and Too Faced Born This Way. Finished! All of these were samples in different shades from Sephora last summer when I was looking to possibly get a higher-end foundation. You can read my full review of Make Up Forever Ultra HD and the Too Faced Born This Way foundations here, but basically I had similar opinions on both- really nice finish initially (smoothing and natural), but throughout the day would break down and didn’t really hold up with my skin type. I want something that will last without a primer (since primers and I have a weird relationship), especially if it’s going to cost more.

I didn’t do a full review post on the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation but that one held up a little more than the other two. Definitely had that clay consistency as you could expect. I liked using it and thought the clay made it less messy than a regular liquid and better for oily skin. A natural finish, maybe a tad more matte than the other two, but blotting still needed to happen for me throughout the day. Nice foundation but not one I’d buy for $40.00.

Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Flower Child. So this wasn’t used up all the way but it started to smell funny and the texture got weird, and once that happens I have to get rid of it. Flower Child was limited edition. It was kinda frosty and just an average shade of pink on my skin tone, not as awesome as the other cheek stains I have. My others didn’t go bad yet which makes me wonder since I got them all around the same time, but nope, couldn’t keep this one!

So that completes my May empties! Use up anything good (or not so good) recently?  

XX, Jen

6 thoughts on “May 2017 Empties!”

  1. Thanks Nicky!! Those sound so lovely- never thought to mix lotions but that is something to consider! I found a lotion by c. Booth I’m not tired of yet so hopefully that’s a keeper (it’s in a huge bottle too so it better be lol). Xx Jen

  2. Don’t get me started on large containers of disappointing lotion – lol! I get caught up in the “value” of them every time and it never goes well. My go-to combo lately has been Jergen’s Wet Skin Moisturizer and the PINK Beach Flower or Fresh & Clean lotions from Victoria’s Secret. And I’m with you on primers. If I don’t have to use one with a certain foundation that’s definitely bonus points! Thanks for sharing with us!! xx

    1. A nice foundation indeed! I’m a crazy lotion person who switches up all the time so maybe I’ll try a different Nivea- thanks for the comment ?

  3. Try the Nivea Essentially Enriched Body Lotion in Almond Oil, for Dry to Very Dry Skin. I have this in the body lotion and the shower lotion. I’ve repurchased both items several times. When I was reading about the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB Cream, sounded really good until you mentioned it had a strong orange scent, so it’s out.

    1. That Nivea one could be promising- I’ll give that one a try next time! Yeah the Lumene had too much of an orangey scent… I like orange but not a lot in my face! Xx Jen

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