February and April Empties!

February-April Empties!
February-April Empties!

Hey everyone! Here are my empties from February-April. Since I used up one thing in February and lately felt like these monthly empties posts were coming up way too soon, I decided to space this one out and let all of my empties pile up. I’ve been so ready to throw out my empties build-up in the corner of my room, so that was motivation to finally do this post and toss em! So…let’s get to it!

Body Products

Avon Skin So Soft Winter Soft Body Cream Empty
Avon Skin So Soft Winter Soft Body Cream Empty

This was my only February empty-the Avon Skin So Soft Winter Body Cream. I actually sell Avon so occasionally you’ll see Avon stuff pop up here. I have a backup of this but what sold me aside from the cute little snowflakes on the packaging (lol) was the smell (a friend let me take a whiff of hers!). I also liked that it didn’t smell like a dessert for a change since I have tons of those.

I already started using my backup of this but not sure if I’d get it again. It works well enough to hydrate especially in the winter, but it can smell a little strong and perfume-y. Again, it smells nice, but I have a whole set of products in this scent and I might be over it enough by now.

Face Cleansers 

Skincare Empties
Skincare Empties

This is my second pack of the Beauty 360 wipes which came in a set of three, and you can read about them from a previous empties post here. In addition to removing makeup from your face, wipes are my favorite for cleaning up makeup swatches off my hands, but these are just ok in general.

I was motivated to use up a bunch of samples I had sitting around for a while! The next four samples were passed on from my friend:

The Vasanti is a white scrub that felt a little gritty on its own. I get that’s the point with scrubs but I don’t like the scratchier ones-I like them a little more gentle or smooth. I did mix a little of it with other cleansers for added exfoliation, so that’s one way I liked to use it, but on its own it wasn’t my favorite. It’s kinda pricey at $34 for about 4 oz, there are probably ways around that (ebay, deals on their site etc.), but not like it matter for me-not getting this one.

The Ren Micropolish Cleanser was nice and I don’t remember it being overly abrasive. It has some grit and a tad bit of lather compared to the Vasanti. Though I enjoyed it, not sure if I’d get it again (5 oz for $30) but I’m glad I got to try it out. I don’t mind spending a little more on something if it works and I really like it, especially skin care, but might hold off on this.

The Malin & Goetz Grapefruit Cleanser was kinda average to me, it did the job but nothing exceptional. It reminded me of a drugstore grapefruit facial cleanser I already have.

I was close to buying the full size of the Nuxe cleanser and Makeup Removing Gel, then came to the conclusion that it doesn’t remove makeup as well (or any better really) as my Purpose cleanser and it was a little too fragranced for me after all. The gel texture so drew me in at first, but at the end of the day I’m glad I didn’t get it.

I received the MAC Cleanse-Off Oil sample when I ordered from MAC recently but years ago I had the full-size. Didn’t love it then and still don’t. This doesn’t take off makeup that well and is sub-par as a cleanser. You’d think as an oil your makeup would just slip off, but not the case with this. It smells nice, slightly like an orange creamsicle, but not a reason to keep it.

Hair Stuff 

Hair Empties
Hair Product Empties

The sample of Hempz Grapefruit and raspberry creme color preserving shampoo and conditioner (I hate long titles lol) were pleasant but nothing that amazing really, to me it was like any color-preserving shampoo I’ve tried, just smelled fruitier. Nice but not life-changing.

The Tresemme Beautiful Volume shampoo and conditioner sample was nice, but to me it’s just your typical shampoo and conditioner. The difference lies in the technique of how this is used which is unusual: use the conditioner before the shampoo-definitely the opposite of what most of us do! I will be giving more details on that in another post, but it was interesting. More on that later! But as for the products themselves, I won’t be buying.


Makeup Empties
Makeup Empties

The L’Oreal Infallible 18-hour foundation I’ve liked and repurchased a few times now and will continue to buy. I don’t think they sell it packaged this way anymore-now it comes in a squeeze tube (which I also bought and found to be the same pretty much). The shade matches me well (608 Natural Beige), I just lighten it with a mixer if I need to. This formula doesn’t slide off my face as easily which is important since I can get oily, and it looks natural and feels comfortable. Medium coverage that can be built up.

I’ve used up The Age Rewind Concealer a bunch of times and you can read about it here.

I liked the Essie Gel-setting top coat while it lasted. It really gave such a shiny and smooth finish to my nail polish and prevented chipping for the most part, but towards the end it just got too sticky to use (as they all seem to-meh!). To make it less gloppy I used nail polish thinner, but had to use too much and it wouldn’t stay thinned out for long. Since all top coats seem to have the same sticky fate before it gets used up, I don’t see the need to get this again. Definitely similar ones for cheaper.

The Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara was a good one. Almay is one of those brands that never really gets talked about, but this mascara is awesome and they make some other nice products! I first was interested in Almay mascara because I was admiring a friend’s lashes years ago and she said she used this brand. This product is way old but even so I was able to use it up til recently. Judge away, but it never had a weird smell after all this time and still went on really well, maybe a little dry but sometimes I don’t mind that! This mascara separates and applies nicely and so smoothly. I just re-purchased it (it’s has newer, skinnier tube) and it still the same formula which makes me happy. I can see myself always having this mascara.

Lots of empties but I hope you enjoyed reading all about them! Use anything good up lately? 

XX, Jen

4 thoughts on “February and April Empties!”

  1. Ah, it’s hard to find the right cleanser for yourself isn’t it!? I love the gel formula cleansers over anything else. I read what you said about the MAC Cleanse Oil. I have Biossance Cleaning Oil that take’s off my makeup like a dream! I got it from that subscription box and it’s probably my favorite thing to have I don’t bother with makeup wipes anymore because of it.
    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that reverse shampoo and conditioner. Personally, I think the Tresemme products like those are just a scheme of new packaging. Anyone can switch which they put on first between shampoo and conditioner. I don’t need the packaging to tell me (Clearly I’ve thought long and hard about that haha). I don’t think I’d ever use it that way but I’m looking forward to hear what you think!
    I do feel like Almay is under rated. I actually don’t have any products of theirs! :O I really like the sound of that mascara so I might give it a go.
    Great post, Jen!! xoxo


    1. Oh the shampoo is totally a marketing thing haha! It’s like really? There’s nothing significant about this shampoo and you hit the nail on the head about being able to use any shampoo that way! Thanks for the cleaning oil suggestion- I like oils but haven’t found a great one so that may be one to look into. The Almay is nice for being drugstore, definitely, in my opinion 🙂 Thanks as always for the thoughtful comment Jay!
      XX Jen

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