Mini Life Update: My Short Break, Why I Blog, Unicorn Frappucinos.

Hey Guys! I haven’t published a post in 10 11 days now which for me is a while. Give or take, I try to post once a week and if I’m really feelin’ it, twice a week. So I guess it hasn’t been been that long, but longer than usual for me. After getting some time away, I felt like doing a non-beauty post and just say what’s up.

My hubs and I were blessed to have the whole week off for Easter break so that gave us a nice amount of time to chill with family and just all around. One thing I can tell you about myself-when I work, I’m pretty focused and want to make it count. But I’m also realllly good at doing nothing or rather just doing stuff I feel like doing. You need that sometimes (or a lot of times, let’s be honest!).

So during our break we went away to visit family for two nights, I’ve had some crazy tooth pain/sensitivity (I’m getting that worked out-tooth pain is nothing I want to mess with), got another cold after I just got rid of one, and my son has also gotten sick and still is which sucks- I hate hearing him cough. But I was also able to get things done too like organize, see people, play more guitar than I had in a while, and get our tub redone which had been a priority for a while. I can now take baths guys. I never really did the bath thing before so that was huge. Ohhh and some shoppingggg! Hello Lush Bath Bombs! 

Doing all of that naturally led me to a take a break from blogging. Sometimes I just have to get off the blogging hamster wheel to realize what it actually means to me or what I want to get out of it. If I don’t want to blog, I don’t. It’s that simple. But the nice thing is, even if I take a break, I return. I never want to leave it completely. And why? Mainly because I enjoy the interaction, friends I’ve made through the process, the sharing and connecting with others and just getting stuff out there. I genuinely love that part of it. I also love reading other blogs and that was one of the reasons I started. But again, having the solid week+ to do other things and NOT blog really helped to see why I DO blog!

We’ve been back at work for about a week now and though last week was annoying as all heck, I feel like this week I’m back to my normal “work self”-more focused and less tired/cranky. Hopefully I stay that way all week lol.

I will leave you with a picture of me enjoying a Unicorn Frap in my car last week after a dentist appointment (seriously, right after the dentist I bolted to Starbucks). I’m probably one of two people who actually really liked it. It was mango smoothie-ish and sour patch-y! I would like that!

Life updates
Unicorn Frappin’
I am looking forward to getting back to my blogging “schedule” again! Stay posted, beauties!

Have you taken a break from blogging or anything you enjoy? If so what have you learned ? Or better yet…have you tried the Unicorn Frappucino?! Thoughts??

Love, Jen <3

4 thoughts on “Mini Life Update: My Short Break, Why I Blog, Unicorn Frappucinos.”

  1. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t force blogging. I love blogging – and like you said – I’ll always come back. I’ve been so busy lately that I just haven’t had time. I’m glad to be back and I’m glad you are too! Lucky to have that week off! I miss those days at school where I could do that haha We don’t have spring break at my work 😉 haha.
    I’m sorry to hear you and your son got sick, I hope he feels better soon <3 (and glad you're feeling better!)
    Sooooo lucky to be able to use bath bombs! I need a drain stopper to use mine..which I don't have at the moment haha.
    Glad you got the ache fixed from the dentist. You made me laugh that you went straight to get a sugary drink.
    Welcome back xoxox


    1. Thanks Jay!! Yeah it’s nice cause the hubby teaches too so we can be off at the same time right now! Taking advantage! Hopefully the weather turns pretty again, I need some sunshine. You are definitely not alone with breaks, I just get too caught up with other stuff sometimes, I know you get me! But here we are again posting stuff ?. I guess we like doing it overall haha!
      XX Jen

  2. Sometimes taking a break from blogging is exactly what you need! I took one this past winter for two months, for personal reasons, but since coming back I feel refreshed and better than ever!
    Also I would have probably done the same exact thing as you right after leaving the dentist, I have such a sweet tooth!


    1. Breaks make such a difference… just to get away completely, from anything!! Just to get some perspective and change things up. Haha I had to go to Starbucks, too much hype and my sweet tooth forced me there lol.
      XX Jen

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