Does It Work: Johnson’s Baby Wash for the Face?

Johnson's baby head-to-toe wash
Johnson’s baby head-to-toe wash
Hey Everyone! Here I am today with another Does it Work hack report! I recently tried fixing broken makeup with rubbing alcohol, and now I want to share my experience using baby wash as as face wash- something I’ve been seeing around and was curious, albeit a bit uncertain. I don’t know about you, but any products meant for the body just seems off limits for the face. I have used Dove bar soap on my face at one point, but it wasn’t anything amazing and stopped there.

Now I think people actually use actual baby shampoo as a face wash as well which I haven’t really tried, so keep in mind that I used the head-to-toe wash and not their actual baby shampoo so I can’t make any claims on that.

Anyway, people have been using Johnson’s Head-to-Toe baby wash as a facial cleanser, claim it works really well and is supposed to be great for sensitive skin. I guess it would make sense-if it’s gentle enough to use on a baby’s sensitive skin, what harm could it do to an adult? Some have even said it changed their skin drastically. Again, stuff I was definitely skeptical about and I needed to have my own proof. Let’s get into some info!

Product Details and Cost 

Johnson’s baby wash isn’t a super thick, goopy product. It rinses off pretty easily.  It has a very light fragrance, but nothing irritating. It’s a baby wash, so not super overpowering which I like.

Let’s talk cost. Johnson and Johnson Head-to-Toe baby wash for a 9 oz bottle is a little under $3.00. Other makeup removing face products/wipes/cleansers can be a lot pricier, especially if we’re talking Philosophy or Clinique. Purpose, my favorite drugstore face wash for removing makeup (you can read about in this empties post), is around $5.00 for 6 oz.- definitely not expensive, but still not as cheap as Johnson and Johnson. So if the baby wash lives up to the claims, it could save me a little more (or a lot more, depending on what you normally use) and put that extra money towards some other product.

How I Used It

I had a nearly full bottle sitting around my house, you know, being a mom and all, and used this for a few weeks to wash my face mainly at night as a makeup remover and some mornings as my regular face cleanser. I followed up with my typical routine-toner, serum, moisturizer.


I will say that this did an excellent job at removing my makeup! I was really impressed that it did not leave any traces of eye makeup behind and got rid of foundation- even the heavy duty kind! It might even be better than other products I use. I didn’t really experience my skin getting super dry at all, though I’ve seen that was a problem for a few.

Has my Skin Been Transformed?

Um, not quite. My skin is pretty much the same as it was before, no miracle, life-changing skin change. I haven’t experienced any negative effects either though.

Overall Thoughts

This is a great alternative to my normal makeup remover/face wash and at a fraction of the cost. Though it didn’t dramatically change my skin, it removed my makeup beautifully with little effort. It took away all traces of makeup quickly and was really easy to rinse off. I could see this being nice for sensitive skin since it didn’t feel stripped which was my original concern before trying, but my skin can tend to get oily so keep that in mind.

One thing I can say is that I would prefer to use a pump for this, so if I were to get it again I’d either get a pump bottle or just refill an empty one I already have. I just find pumps easier to deal with if it’s going to be a larger container, personal preference.

The Verdict 

It works, and not badly! I’ve repurchased Purpose a bunch of times (and probably still will), but it’s nice to know I can switch it up if I want to. Using Johnson’s will prolong my purchase of Purpose if I run out. I don’t know that it will forever replace Purpose for me since I do like the thicker feeling of Purpose and just like variety in general, but it’s really good at removing makeup and is a good cleanser overall. I wouldn’t mind keeping it to use when I’m running low or want to switch up cleansing products. I was pleasantly surprised! 

Have you ever tried using baby products as an adult, or even tried this for washing your face? 

XX, Jen

7 thoughts on “Does It Work: Johnson’s Baby Wash for the Face?”

  1. I feel like this shampoo would dry my skin out terribly! I was sent some avocado oil, caster oil and almond oil for skin purposes… And on the bottle it said collagen booster and make up remover – so I mean… GOTTA try that! I have to say, these oils are AMAZING at taking off make up… And my skin (I only really put it under my eyes before bed) is looking pretty good. I mean, it’s not like a HUGEEEEE transformation (and I have only really been doing it for two weeks), but no adverse affects which is AMAZING because my skin is SOOOOOOOOO sensitive!

    1. oooo I bet those oils are amazing for the skin! I used to be scared to put any kind of oil on my face because I can be breakout prone but they really add moisture and feel great! My skin likes a good drink like that once in a while! I’m glad you found stuff that works for you!

  2. I was really interested in seeing how this product worked for you! I’m not that surprise to year that you liked it! Like you said, it’s extremely inexpensive which is really good. I probably wouldn’t get it, because I do need a product that moisturizes my skin since I have extremely dry skin, but maybe one day i’ll try it out! Great post love xxx

    Melina |

    1. It’s definitely an alternative but I don’t think it will ever be a main cleanser for me either, I still get weird that you can use it on your body so I limit how often I’d use it on my face probably. Worth a shot! XX Jen

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