This Time Next Year Tag and 2017 Goal Checkup

This Time Next Year Tag and 2017 Goal Checkup
This Time Next Year Tag and 2017 Goal Checkup

Welcome back! I was recently tagged to do the “This Time Next Year” post by one of my blogging pals, Nicky Ashleigh. And since March seems like a good time to revisit the goals I set for myself back in January, I thought why not combine the two? It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag post but I enjoy them! I’m not big on setting lots of crazy goals for myself but I think it’s healthy to think of things you want to change or do more (or less) of once in a while! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about goals lately, so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Here are the rules of this tag post:

  • Thank the person who tagged you!
  • Set yourself goals for the next year.
  • Write about how you’ll achieve these goals.
  • Tag at least 5 of your blogger friends to do this tag.
  • In 365 days, write a post reflecting on your goals & what you achieved!

So first and foremost, thanks Nicky for tagging me-this was a great way for me to reevaluate some things.

Here are some newer goals:

Cutting back on the junk food. I started this last month and hope to continue. I completed a 5-day challenge (thanks to my friend Mia) that helped a lot with this. Before the challenge, I was pretty damn good at snacking. Any time I could snack, I snacked. It wasn’t all bad, but many times it was candy, chips, AKA junk. Snacks during breaks at work, at home after work, any free time. I was eating too much of it and it needed to stop. So the challenge had me changing up my eating habits drastically for 5 days and adding in some exercise. It was a challenge indeed, but it has helped with curbing the need for junk food and made me recognize how much of it I was eating. While I still enjoy some chocolate and pizza, I’m choosing to have healthier meals more often and make better snacking choices.

Downsizing. Decluttering, purging, whatever you want to call it! I’ve always enjoyed clearing out or reorganizing space and downsizing my stuff overall. I’m always gonna have stuff. But I no longer need 30 versions of essentially the same purple nail polish these days if you know what I’m sayin. I plan on doing it when I have the time or feel the need-just pick a category of products and start making some serious decisions, maybe attempt a formal project pan. Keep only what still speaks to me and toss what I’m over. Of course that isn’t always easy to do but I’m amazed at how much I no longer want or what could be of better use to someone else.

Career direction. My feelings on my career go back and forth all the time. I guess that’s normal, but it’s one of those areas that I’m either fine with or not sure about. Honestly, I’m not great with change when it comes to careers or doing a lot of extra work to make those changes happen. I’m fully admitting to that. I’ve been teaching for 7+ years now, 10 if you want to count all the subbing before that. And while I like it, I always wonder about what else I could be doing. So I guess right now the goal is to figure that out, and maybe take some concrete steps in getting there. I’ll be doing some research and keeping an open mind.

And now to revisit some goals or things I was looking forward to back in January:

My Son Starting School. When he’s finally enrolled (which needs to be soon) I can truly get excited! It’ll be such a relief. We’re in the process of getting it done but it’s taking a little longer than I want it to. I know soon enough we’ll find the right school for him.

More Conscientiousness (or “mindfulness” if you will). The whole point of this goal was to let thoughts be and not let unrealistic thoughts get the better of me. I’m happy to say that this really hasn’t been an issue yet this year. I just let any feelings I have be felt and use my feelings more as a tool to guide action, or just take feelings as they are. I allow myself to feel however the heck I wanna feel whether it’s negative, positive, inspired, tired, whatever. No struggles.

Change it up in regards to my environment and surroundings. I am changing things up! I didn’t get a new shower curtain like I mentioned I might lol but like I said earlier, I’ve been getting rid of stuff, updating things (like our tub. Doesn’t sound that exciting but I couldn’t be MORE excited for a tub makeover next month!), rearranging my closet and my eating habits as previously mentioned. Changes seem to be happening naturally as the year is unfolding.

More Decorating. I’ve done some hauling at Home Goods-type stores back in January/February for some house stuff and that seems to have curbed the edge off this goal. Amazing what a new candle or ceramic pineapple can do for a person. I printed out some new pictures and already put some up, along with some stairwell decor-Lord knows when any of that is going up, but hey, it’s there when I’m ready.

Keep on Blogging. Well I’m definitely still blogging. At times I’m more active with it and other times stall but for the most part I’ve been consistent. Or at least my version of consistent ha! My blog Pinterest account is now up and active (lots of room for growth but it’s established), I’ve started a new twitter chat with my awesome US blogging pals Jay and Mia back in February (Here’s to StatesideBlogBabes! Chats every other Tuesday, 7PM EST!), and my blog Instagram is continuing to grow as well. Things have been developing slowly but surely. I want to continue enjoying the blogging process and engaging with others through it, and also take breaks when I feel like it!

So those are my new goals and updates on older ones. I am tagging these wonderful bloggers: Jay at Blissful Beauty Bird, Mia at Confidently Curly , Hollie at Its Hollie Anne, Melina at I’ve Found Waldo,  and Alexandra at About a Girl. Of course never any pressure- and anyone is welcome to do the tag!

If you have any-how are all of your goals for 2017 going so far?

XX, Jen

16 thoughts on “This Time Next Year Tag and 2017 Goal Checkup”

  1. Yay!! Love this one and you’re very welcome! I love how you incorporated previous goals. And yes!! A little home decor certainly goes a long way. I’ll purchase one thing and it’ll motivate me to clean an entire room from top to bottom. Lol! Sending you all the luck with every one of your goals especially with finding the perfect school for your son! Lots of love!

  2. Love this post and the way that it allows bloggers to support one another! Really just starting to experience the blogging world and there are so many amazing people I am meeting along the way!

    1. Welcome to the blogging world! The community is one of the best things about it I think. Feel free to do the tag and let me know if you do so I can check it out! Thanks for the comment! X X Jen

  3. I love posts like this- it’s so important to know where you’re going in your life and being able to support you and see your journey through your blog xo

    1. Thanks so much! Half the time I don’t know where I’m headed but I guess gotta start somewhere! Thanks for stopping by X

  4. Cutting back on the junk food is such a worthwhile goal! I have challenged myself to go pescaterian for Lent in order to make healthier choices and so far I’ve actually really enjoyed it! Congrats on getting your little’un enrolled in school as well, lots of exciting times ahead for him! Thanks for sharing!

    Abbey ?

    1. Food is tough!! I have moments where it’s like a monster takes over me and I can’t stop eating lol. That’s a great challenge that you’re doing- it really tests you but it’s funny how it ends up working out. Thanks for the comment! X Jen

    1. Thanks Alexandra!! We’ll see what actually gets accomplished! Haha. No problem and if you do it let me know!! ? X Jen

  5. This was a good read. I want to evaluate myself and my goals but to be honest I lack the motivation ?
    Maybe I need a buddy like u to get a much needed kickstart

    1. I lack motivation in a lot of ways-you are not alone! Don’t let this fool you lol! Being a mom is just about getting through the day half the time. Im not running any marathons anytime soon! Thanks for the comment Rosen ?

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