Signs and Symbols- Do You Believe?

ladybug, railing
Ladybug outside my house last winter

Hi again, everyone!  As always, I hope this post finds you well. This past week has been a mix of calm days, productive days, hectic ones, and days when news you receive isn’t exactly the news you really want to hear. Days where you’ll have to sit and do some processing.

I find it interesting that on some days, things happen that make you stop and smile or bring you a sense of comfort. I don’t go around hunting for signs. Anything could be a sign if you want it to be. But I feel that if you’re open to them, it seems you don’t have to hunt so much- they kinda just fall into your lap!

I’m a pretty down to earth person who leans more towards the realistic and practical. But I’ve always been fascinated by realms beyond what science can explain. I believe in the supernatural. That angels exist. The unexplainable. For me, believing in a higher power, something bigger and greater than myself, gives a certain depth and meaning to life. And when it reaches out to you in ways you can’t ignore, I pay attention. And even if it’s not some deep amazing symbol blazing through the sky, if it makes me feel better, I will take it!

One thing I’ve been noticing, especially this year, are ladybugs.  Maybe there’s just some weird ladybug infestation going on that I’m not aware of but I know that they are supposed to be associated with good things. Luck perhaps, though luck to me is more about how you perceive things sometimes. But at the very least, their presence is known to bring comfort and positive vibes. Whether or not it’s true, who wouldn’t smile when seeing these cute little things? They’re red and have polka dots! They deserve to get some credit for being so stinkin adorable!

At least three times this year one has landed on me or was just hanging out by me, which around here feels a little unusual. I spotted one last winter on the railing outside my house. I don’t recall anything specific that would make this a particularly meaningful symbol aside from making me smile, but I know I was in a state of blahs that winter so maybe that was what I needed.

This past summer I spotted one flying around my bedroom, right around when I started this blog. It hung out for a few weeks or so, then decided to disappear one day. I was feeling all kinds of feelings upon starting BeautyLifeMom- some excitement, anxiety, uncertainty, but seeing the little guy (or lady) on my wall made me feel like I was on the right path. A thumbs up, maybe.

Just this past week, after a particularly hectic and crazy non-stop afternoon at work, one of my students pointed out that one landed on my denim jacket while we were standing outdoors during dismissal. I remember being so caught up in my crazy afternoon and even feeling some uncertainty about events happening the next day, but when he told me that I couldn’t help but smile and calm down a little as I watched it crawling up my arm. Definitely refocused my brain a little, and again gave me reassurance that things would be ok.

Another happy sign I recall (not ladybug related) was when my husband and I heard our wedding song playing when we were checking into the labor and delivery unit at the hospital right before I gave birth to my son. I don’t really hear Marvin and Tammi’s If I Could Build My World Around You often at all, so we really took notice when it happened to be playing on the radio at that particular moment. It made me happy and made me feel like things would be fine. Cause ya know, having your first child or giving birth in general can be a little nerve-racking.

It could be anything- something crosses your path too many times to ignore, or you hear a certain song at a certain time and it makes you pay attention- Did you ever feel that something happens to you, maybe over and over, and maybe it’s not a mistake or a coincidence? Do you believe in signs or symbols? I’d love to hear all about it!

~Jen <3


4 thoughts on “Signs and Symbols- Do You Believe?”

  1. I definitely believe in signs and symbols! A white butterfly landed on my shoulder on my dads 9 year anniversary, I definitely think that was a sign of him letting me know he was watching over me!
    Great post<3
    Melissa / <3

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