Make Up Forever Ultra HD and Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Make Up For Ever High Definition and Too Faced Born This Way Foundation review
Make Up For Ever High Definition and Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Welcome back, all! I hope your October is going well! My fall so far seems to be going quickly, but then again every season seems to with each passing year!

So recently I had the urge to explore different foundations to see if anything would be splurge-worthy or would significantly change my foundation game. Currently for liquids I’ve been using Garnier BB cream when I’m feeling more casual, and when I want to get more heavy-duty I’ll use L’Oreal Infallible which I sometimes mix with it a little Revlon ColorStay when I’m more tan and maybe for some extra oil control (don’t ask why I mix two different brands together, it just seems to work!). I’ve been pretty happy with L’Oreal foundation- it does the job and stays pretty fresh on my skin even after a long day, so I’m not exactly looking to replace anything. But ya know, sometimes you want to see what else is out there!

I tried a couple different foundations which I’ll eventually review, and there are some drugstore ones I also want to try. Here I’m focusing on Make Up For Ever Ultra HD, and Too Faced Born This Way. The MUFE was a recommendation from a Sephora Employee for its natural finish, and I wanted to try Born This Way because this foundation seems pretty popular and I heard a lot about it on YouTube.

I wasn’t 100% sure what I was looking for, but after trying a few I know I want something that won’t slide off or transfer easily and is smoothing but looks fresh all day. Keep in mind that my skin type is oily and I usually have to blot during the day at some point. I don’t mind blotting, but I don’t want my face to look like an oil slick either! Also I tend to get hormonal/stress-related breakouts (don’t get me started) so some coverage is needed, especially when there’s that fun post-acne scarring!   So anyway, here are my thoughts:

Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation, $43

This picture was taken in front of white board (holla teachers!) so not sure about lighting with the really white backdrop, but it gives you an idea:

Wearing Make Up Forever HD foundation
Wearing Make Up Forever HD foundation

Pros: Natural finish, not mask-y looking, oil kept reasonably at bay. Slight blotting mid-day but nothing major.

Cons: not as full-coverage as I was hoping for (I didn’t have enough to build it up, however), and the finish could have looked a liiiittle bit smoother. The shade might also have played a part in this, so who knows.

Verdict: Not bad, photographs nicely, but wouldn’t pay $43.00 for it just yet.

Too Faced Born This Way, $39 in Warm Beige and also tried in the shade Sand. Between the two shades I tried, “Sand” definitely suited me more!

Here is a pic of me wearing Too Faced Born This Way at the beginning of the day (and yes, this looks like a school portrait lol):

Me wearing Too Faced Born This Way in the shade "Sand"
Wearing Too Faced Born This Way in the shade “Sand”

Pros: Smoother finish (at least compared to MUFE HD), looked really nice when first applied.

Cons: I was a little oilier mid-day with this one compared to the MUFE but not by a whole lot, even when used with a primer (maybe my primer just isn’t that great?). Didn’t maintain throughout the day like I wish it had. Might work better for more dry/normal skin types since it can make you dewy.

Verdict: Nice foundation, just wish it looked as good on all day as it did at the start. Maybe a different primer would have helped with this too. Also wish it had a bit more coverage. So nope, won’t be getting it.

I’m glad I got to try them out! They are lovely foundations even if they didn’t knock my socks off all the way, and sometimes you just need to try things a few more times. Maybe I’m just being too picky, or maybe I’m ok not spending so much when what I have seems to work just fine. I always have fun trying new things though- and who knows, maybe I’ll fall in love with something else out there (or fall in love with these in the future-never know!).

Have you tried either of these? Have they worked for you? 

~Jen <3

8 thoughts on “Make Up Forever Ultra HD and Too Faced Born This Way Foundation”

    1. I wish I liked it more but I’m kinda glad so I don’t have to buy it!! lol. Glad it worked out for you though! I cannot stay away from greasy foods so I’m prob just doomed lol.

    1. I know- foundation can be tricky. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m looking for, if higher end is worth the price or if drugstore is fine and does the job! Thanks Hollie 🙂

  1. OHH! I loved the reviews on these, Jen! Thanks for your honest opinion on them as well and mentioning how they last through out the day. I was never really interested in the Too Faced Born This Way foundation to be honest. I was just never bothered by it. The MUFE foundations on the other hand – I always hear them being raved about. Might have to try a sample of the Ultra HD. Great post, as always <3


    1. Samples are the best! I like my L’Oreal right now and I’m trying a bunch of others to see what’s worth it- but I want to try the L’Oreal Lumi one you emptied out recently! And bonus that is costs a lot less! Thanks for your comment Jay 🙂

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