August Product Empties!

August Empties
August Empties

Hey guys!! I’m getting to this post a little late-it’s been a crazy past three weeks! Work started back up with a bang: two weeks of professional development, getting a classroom together, meeting my new students and flying out to a wedding in Arkansas (which was great, btw!) has meant less time to chill and type. Though it’s been quite the whirlwind, something tells me it’s going to be a good school year!

If I thought having four empties in July was a lot (for me at least), imagine my surprise when I was able to finish up nine products this past month (OK- six. I found three I used up a little while ago but decided to include them here). And I was surprised to see just how many hair products got used up around the same time! Isn’t it weird when that happens?! Anyway, here they all are:

Hair Products:

Empty Hair Products August 2016
Hair Empties

Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Cream – I have been using this stuff for years! According to the package it’s for sealing hair and “to eliminate frizz and flyaways.” I use a little bit in my palms and smooth it through my hair before pulling it up or after styling. I really can’t not have it. It’s a staple.

L’oreal Ever-Style smooth and shine creme (Discontinued)- I liked this! I applied before heat styling. My hair looked smooth and shiny after all of the straightening. I was a little bummed they disco’ed it, but I have other products I like using for the same purpose.

Garnier Fructis Flat-Iron Perfector– This smells good and is meant to protect hair from heat styling, add shine and tame frizz. I like it enough to keep buying it, just not sure if there’s anything else out there that’s any better. It’s not an incredible product, but I guess it makes me feel like I’m doing something to protect my hair from all that heat. (Do heat styling protector sprays actually protect? Does anyone even know?!)

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo- A sample from my friend. Not a bad product to use for those moments you skipped a hair washing! I really liked it but I also have a full-size Suave dry shampoo that worked just as well as far as I could tell.


top coat and eyeliner
Beauty and Nail Empties August 2016

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in 14-Navy- I loved this eyeliner. It was creamy but not too too creamy, and was a true Navy color. Some “navy” eyeliners tend to look a little too bright or vibrant, but this was nice, dark navy. I’d get it again eventually, but not in a rush.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat – Not bad. I like it enough to use it up so I guess I’d get it again, but I honestly don’t mind just using any regular top coat.

Body Products: 

Body Products Used up August 2016
Body Product Empties August 2016

Ulta Cinnamon Swirl 3-in-1 Shower Gel – Um, I had this shower gel forehhhhverrr. First of all, it’s huge. and when you went through a phase like I did of having enough shower gel to bathe an entire community, it’s going to last for years. And that it did. Like I bought it sometime before or during 2012 which is a little crazy. But I will say I loved it the entire time I had it. I didn’t use it for a shampoo (was way to scared) but loved it as a body wash. Smelled soooo good, just like cinnamon rolls, and was that perfect cozy fall scent. I’m really bummed they don’t make it anymore! Damn you, Ulta!! Bring it back!!

Clean and Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser-Ok, not gonna lie, I probably liked this because it made my face tingle and I liked the packaging. I mean, it’s a drugstore product. But it’s thick and feels almost…decadent for a face wash. I don’t think it did a whole lot for clearing my skin but I enjoyed using it more than a regular face wash. I think I’d get it again. It’s a fun cleanser.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Hand & Body Lotion – great summer coconut/vanilla scent! It’s a light lotion but I enjoyed using it as a quick way to hydrate my skin since I didn’t have to spend forever rubbing it in. I might get it again, maybe even in a thicker formula.

So that completes my August Empties! Finish up anything good recently? Ever find that you finish a whole bunch of the same types of products at once?

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2 thoughts on “August Product Empties!”

  1. OoOoOoO! Great products, Jen! I love when products finish up at the same time because they’re not all sitting there half used. I just think my bank account doesn’t like when everything finishes at once haha! You have somethings in here that I would love to try. Unfortunately for me, a lot of them are discontinued hahah I really liked the sound of the Smooth and Shine creme and the Ulta Cinnamon swirl. They should come back just so I can give them a try. I like the sound of “fun” cleansers! That totally made me giggle. I’ll have to try that just for ha ha’s. And Coconut scented ANYTHING is great!
    Well done, great post as per usual!


    1. Thanks lady! I never know whether or not to include those discontinued products in these posts but I figured I should celebrate FINALLY using them up! I went through some serious hauling back in the day and I guess since I stopped buying so much they’re all finally getting used lol. I hear ya on the bank account thing! It’s good to have an excuse to shop but yes it all adds up lol.

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