Summer 2016 Beauty Haul: Doing some revamping!

Beauty Haul Summer 2016
Beauty Haul Summer 2016

When I do a massive declutter, it feels only natural for me to fill up all that extra space with better, newer stuff. Ha! No but really-decluttering this time around has inspired me to refresh and update my stash. I like having options, but they have to be the right options.

Typically, I try new products here and there or if I run out of something. This time however, I wanted to do a little more revamping! I’ll do more in-depth reviews once I get around to using them a few times, but for now here’s an overview of my latest haul (yes- I had missions for this haul, I was intense lol).

Mission 1: Primers

Face Primers
Face Primers

I used to use primers not too long ago. They’d make my makeup look pretty good at first, but I have oily/combo skin and gave up on a lot of them because they made me greasy or felt greasy, broke me out, or didn’t improve anything enough to be worth that extra step. Maybe my newer foundations were fine enough on their own and didn’t need a primer so much, who knows! But I wanted to try some new primers for my skin type and to revisit the whole idea. I decided to get Pacifica Oil Control Primer , $18.00, and Cover Girl Outlast All-Day Primer, $12.99,  based on some pretty good reviews on the Ulta site. Sometimes these go on sale and depending on the product, you can use an Ulta coupon. I can’t wait to see how these work on me!

Mission 2: Lip products and Mascara (not pictured)

Lipstick and Lipgloss
Lip Products

My recent lip declutter finally gave me the green light to try a few I’ve been eyeing. I rarely will spend a ton on a lipgloss or lipstick, but I’ve heard amazing things about Clarins Lip Perfector, $25.00. A little pricier for a lip product, but a friend of mine was wearing it and I had to ask her what was on her lips. It’s unusual for me to ask, so it must mean it captured my attention. So that gave me the push to try it out. I purchased one in Rosewood.

I wanted to take a break from the whole matte lip thing for a minute and go for something creamier, so I decided to try the Maybelline Color Jolt in Stripped Down for $9.99 (a little pricey for a drugstore product considering how small it is)! I think it’s one of their newer products, and I wanted to try something with a bit of pigment.

I know Soap and Glory makes body products, but imagine my surprise and confusion (lol) when I saw they added lipstick to their line!  I purchased the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick in the shade Pommie Girl, a rosey-mauve-y pink shade (seems like I’m going for this type of shade a lot lately), and really liked how it looked on me in the store. It is a matte formula which I know can be drying, but I’ll using a lip primer with it and see how it goes.

I also bought Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, $8.99 (no pic, my bad!)- I heard great things about this mascara on YouTube and saw that it applied well (lengthened, separated, ;looked volumized), so I had to try it out.

Mission 3: Foundation and BB Cream 

Foundations and BB Cream
Foundation and BB Cream

I’ve been wanting to try some newer foundations, so I headed over to Sephora and they offered me samples to try- one of Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, $39.00, and Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation, $44.00. Not quite cheap by any means, but trying them out will definitely help before I make any splurges. Now I’m not sure how these will work with oily skin- the lady working there recommended them, but I guess it depends on the finish you want. I prefer a demi-matte finish, maybe slightly dewy, but no shine. I don’t believe these have a matte finish, but we shall see!

I’m running low on my Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector so I wanted to buy another. I couldn’t find the same exact one (my older one contained salicylic acid), so this new one is a little different but looks similar enough. The newer one is labeled as the Garnier BB Cream 5-in-1  Miracle Skin Perfector in Medium Deep for Oily/Combo Skin, $12.99. This has SPF 20 and is supposed to control shine, two things I can always appreciate!

Mission 4: Brushes

Face Brushes Beauty Haul 2016
Face Brushes

Last but not least, brushes! I don’t know what it is with me and makeup brushes but I love getting new ones. Morphe (an amaaazing, affordable brush line) is now selling the Elite II collection, but before I knew they were coming out with an upgraded Elite line, I was trying to get some original Elite brushes. They were on clearance, but they were sold out for the most part.

So I ended up finding these BH Cosmetics Vegan brushes and ended up getting the Vegan Pointed Blending Brush and  Vegan Contour Brush, both were $5.50 each.  I have never tried anything from this brand but heard a little about them here and there, and for that price, it was worth a shot!

I was also lusting after a huge, soft powder brush and found the It Cosmetics #211 Brush exclusive to Ulta. I was able to find this one on Ebay for a lot cheaper since it’s $40.00 retail (yikes!!), so you might want to check that option out first!

Mission 5: Neutralizing Eye Base 

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre

I have (and love) MAC Paint Pots and have been using Painterly as both a shadow and a base. But I wanted something a little more brightening and yellow-based, so the MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, $22.00, seemed like a great option. It gets a lot of love on YouTube and other sites, so I finally went for it. I actually would’ve gotten the much cheaper Maybelline dupe (the Maybelline Color Tattoos are supposed to be great dupes for MAC paint pots!), but the dupe for Soft Ochre was limited edition from a few years ago. Doh! 

So that concludes my haul this time around! As mentioned already, I will be reviewing these as I test them out and wear them a few times.

Have you done any beauty hauls lately? Any specific products in mind? 


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