Decluttering Part 2: Eyeshadow

I have recently decluttered a large amount of beauty products from my stash and decided to break it up into two, maybe three posts, or heck make a whole series out of it! My first was on lip products I tossed. Here I will talk about eyeshadow I finally purged.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a serious weeding through of products, so I have kind of an embarrassing amount that I’m tossing. Ideally, I hope to have less and less to get rid of over time, being much pickier about what I’ll buy and maybe do little purges more often as opposed to one huge one per year- maybe I’m a weirdo but I do feel a lot of gratification when I declutter a ton at once!

I decided to declutter these shadows for similar reasons as my lip gloss- 1)too old 2) no desire to use 3) formula not living up. Anyway, here are the shadows I decided to finally say goodbye to:

Eyeshadow Declutter
Eyeshadows I’m tossing

Some themes I noticed:  

Not a fan of glitter in my shadows. Maybe at one point that was my thing, but I don’t remember even wearing glitter and certainly don’t plan to in the future. I love a little shimmer and metallic finish, but glitter in eyeshadow is not happening for me.

I tossed a bit of drugstore shadows. I have no hate towards drugstore products- in fact, some of my favorites are drugstore brands (NYX, Wet ‘n Wild, to name a few)! But I purged quite a bit of Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon etc… these shadows weren’t even that bad and I used them a bit at one point. They were just old and didn’t get much attention after a while, or I used them solely because they were there.

I’m not closed off to ever buying these shadow brands ever again, and I’m sure the current formulas are revamped and amazing. But seeing just how many of these get tossed during a purge, I’m less likely to go for similar kinds any time in the near future. I know Sephora isn’t a drugstore brand and they do make really nice products, but I just got rid of too many of these shadows as well. So for the same reasons, probably not getting any of those again either.

I had fixations with certain colors- and went nuts. Like peacock blue (or any blue, really…) and purple. Which is fine to like cool colors, but I didn’t wear them a lot or enough to keep more than one. I definitely did not need multiples. Or ANY of certain colors, like the bright pink pigments which came as part of a bulk purchase. More power to you if you can make hot pink work, but I couldn’t touch that one!  I know now to curb the monster that goes after a certain color in bulk. That being said, I don’t mind owning multiples in the same color family, as long as I use them.

I like good packaging more than I realize. Sure it might be true that all that matters is what’s inside, but I’m more likely to reach for products that are pretty, (or at least clean looking) and sturdy. Lids shouldn’t be breaking off. This makes them much more awkward to store and the leaves the eyeshadow vulnerable to breaking. This was the case with the older Sephora ones-way too old and a mess. And I don’t like when packaging is wasteful (the Physician’s Formula shadow had ONE color and the packaging was HUGE!). This just takes up unnecessary space.

It felt really good to finally declutter these shadows and focus on the ones I really like! Overall I have enough eyeshadow to last me a long time, so I’m currently not on the lookout for any new ones. I am eyeing some amazing eye palettes, but will probably wait a while before buying more. Looking for other amazing posts on makeup decluttering? Check out this site! She makes decluttering look beautiful!

Have you done any eyeshadow/makeup decluttering recently, or do you plan to? What do you look for when decluttering, and what have you learned? 


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    1. Oh yes! It was so therapeautic! I can actually see all of the items I actually want to use now! (And of course buy more…lol).

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