Makeup Declutter Part 1: Lip Products!

If you’re a makeup junkie makeup/beauty product enthusiast, I’m sure you can relate-my history and love of makeup has led to a pretty big stash. I’ve loved, hated, kept, tossed (though more keeping than tossing) and repeated this cycle quite frequently. Then one day a few years back I had a Forrest Gump moment. Remember that part in the movie when he was running and running with the crowd behind him, and then one day declared he was tired and just stopped? That was me a few years ago. The urgency of buying similar items in bulk had come to a sudden halt. I took a big pause and slowed down the hauls.  Not that I’ll ever stop completely, but I’ve become much pickier over time with what I’ll buy and keep.

Periodically I’ll go through my makeup stash and weed out products. I actually enjoy doing this if I can get in the groove. Sometimes I get rid of a lot and other times I maybe get rid of one thing here and there and quit, but since I’ve had a little more downtime this summer I was able go really go through everything and do some serious purging. I’m probably subconsciously preparing myself for a wave of new products which I’ll happily ride that wave when it comes! 

This is part 1 of my declutter series (there was way too much all around to fit in one post! Whew!) and I’m concentrating solely on lip products I decluttered. Here are the unlucky ones that I decided to scrap (side note-I did decide to keep a Philosophy gloss):

Lip Products I Tossed
Lip Products I Tossed
Whoa. That’s a lot. I want to mention  that these are older products, so some may have been reformulated. But generally speaking, they were tossed for one or more of these reasons: texture/formula I didn’t care for, lack of desire to use over time, unfavorable smell, taste, shade, or I had better dupes. Some specific examples:

The Philosophy glosses had a nice shine were good quality. More on the emollient side which I like, but I think after a while the scent and flavor got too overpowering. I kept the S’mores one, however. Same idea with the Bath and Body Works gloss and a few others. So I guess really thick, heavily scented and flavored lip products (unless minty and tingly) won’t be something I’ll go for again. They’re fun at first, but I tend to get sick of them.

I won’t be repurchasing any Revlon Colorstay lipsticks any time soon either. To me, the lipstick didn’t feel comfortable and “sat” on my lips. If I remember correctly, might’ve had a weird taste too.

The Korres Cherry Oil lipgloss was a texture/shade thing for me- I like my gloss a little thicker and these were just too thin and I decided I didn’t like the scent or colors after a while.

I had two of the clear Wet ‘n Wild Glassy Glosses and I didn’t see the need to keep both especially since I don’t use them a lot.  This older formula is super sticky but I wouldn’t mind using a little of it over a lipstick, but no need for more than one.

The NYX Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie is a lip product that I actually like and pretty much used up. I even repurchased it- just had to get rid of that container since I realized I was never going to get to that little bit of product stuck at the bottom! Annoying!

While I use lip balms frequently I never reached for the Nivea one or the one next to it (a freebie from an Etsy shop). I felt like these made my lips even more dry.

It’s not always easy to get rid of stuff, and I totally have moments of “Why did I get rid of that?!” or, and I hate to admit it, fishing back into the pile I want to toss and deciding to keep something. Luckily this time it was only with one item. But I always feel better and relieved after a good purge, and my stash looks happier too. No regrets about buying these because at one point they’re what I wanted and I got what I wanted out of them. If anything, all of these products helped me learn more about what I want moving forward!

Have you done any  makeup decluttering recently? 

<3, Jen

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  1. This is inspiring me to do a makeup clean out myself! I feel like I always keep lip products even when I stop using them and then years later I’ll find an old gloss and it looks so gross!

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